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Author Topic: Mobile number off AdultWork for Sexy Tiffany in Newport?  (Read 678 times)

Can't access AW at the mnute, can someone hel and add the number on here that is currently showing on AW.  Thanks for your help

Offline Corus Boy

Done on the thread;

Tiffany - 07466144515

Thanks again CB, been a busy afternoon, visit the Spanish lady first.. Hawaiian.., but bait and switch so walked.

Then went to Broadway, nice enough, and very bubbly, size 8, slim, about 5'4", breast size is more like 34 b. Stayed and paid the extra £10 for owo, but didn't pop, just wasn't for me.  Then went to see Sexy Tiffany who is now in Cardiff, met me at reception so could check her out before going to her room, she is just as pictures but had no makeup on. Very vanilla, only ow, protected penetration and I could touch her breasts but no licking or touching, gave her a good deep pounding but didn't pop there either as her breath was stinky.

All in all a wasted visit but tested them all the same.

 :dash: :dash: :dash:

Offline mr big

where about in Cardiff are these hungarians

Offline HughJardon

her breath was stinky.

All in all a wasted visit but tested them all the same.

Thanks for the Trifecta of Toffts 360. Your sax must be like 2 Euro 2016 official footballs ready to burst, give yourself a hand mate, let the tension flow...

A quick question please:- what was the BnS latin girl like down the bay, any profile associated perhaps  :unknown:


Hawian Love

There were 2 girls there and they both looked liked they had eaten the girl in the picture.

My nuts are aching a bit in the last hour, Sexy Tiffany can take a good pounding, I was absolutely balls deep with her legs on my shoulders and did this for 15 mins but the breath was not good.

She is in one of the hotels in Cardiff Bay, easy access with no key code to enter the hotel or lift when I visited, but Tiffany still come to meet me at the foyer and introduced herself.

Maybe Hawaiian pizza rather than Hawaiian love!  :hi:

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