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Author Topic: Louiseloo..wolverhampton  (Read 2005 times)

2 review(s) for LOUISELOO (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Arranged by text and phone call once I was in street

Tidy House in dunstall by indoor cricket arena

Paid 60 notes for 30 min cum twice service

Right iv seen lou a few times in the past and have always found her fit as fuck. My last time with lou was shit about 6 months back but I thought I'd give her another go. Boy did I make a big mistake.

Knocked on door and let in. Lead up stairs to room with double bed and a single bed . Looked at lou and thought she's lost some weight a good few stone. Sorted paper work and I asked for a glass of water where I was handed a used bottle of water with just a bit left in so I declined her thoughtful offer  :vomit: .

Should of walked after that but lil d was in full control and wasn't having any of it...we both got on dressed and that's when her weight loss slapped me in the face  :scare: saggy belly with 2 saggy sacks of breast meat with the spaghetti junction of stretch marks around her belly.

I'd paid and realised straight away the extra £10 I paid for cum twice had been wasted cus that definitely wasn't going to happen.

So I lay on bed and she starts tugging on lil D and he wakes up . On goes the mac for a crappy bj which lasts about 2.5 min then she asks what position i would like . Like a dickhead I say cow girl but after about 20 seconds of seeing all that saggy flesh flapping about I put her into doggy and pound fuck out of her. I did have a chuckle to myself as I was fucking her I was grabbing her titty sacks and pulling them around her back, should of seen if I could of tied them together :D.... she used to have beautiful firm tits but them days are long gone. The pics she uses are old and she doesn't look much like she used to. I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't smoking shit these days

Will never be returning even if it was for free.

In and out in under 20 min and declined my option for my second go on her.

My own fault for this waste of money but like I say I did have a soft spot for her but that fucked off today and won't be coming back

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2 review(s) found for LOUISELOO linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Just looked on her profile again and her pics are up-to date but don't really show the horror I witnessed.

Offline Andy61

Thansk for the warning but why did you go back after a shit first time - there are so many girls to try in the West mids with loads of positive reviews?
Banning reason: Previously banned (chasb61 + Starby)

Offline Madone1

Oh dear but I think we have all fucked far worse. Sorry you had a shit punt mate.

Thansk for the warning but why did you go back after a shit first time - there are so many girls to try in the West mids with loads of positive reviews?

My first time with lou was really good my second visit wasn't very good which I was hoping she  just had a bad day due to the lack of effort from her . 

Offline Ming

Thanks for the review MrD, she was on my plan c list, not anymore.

Ming  :hi:

Offline sanj07

I'm on lunch reading this review having a laughing fit man what was her impression when she revealed the sacks proper con job

If you at the 2 full pics of hear the radiator and window is warped and have been photoshoped to make her look slimmer

Offline sanj07

Positive    robbie ladd (21)    27/06/2016 15:12    Seeking Services
     lovely lady. Great services and conversation. highly recommend

Well the above punter saw her on 27/6/2016 (copy of his review) he must have been blind or just fancies sacks lol I had a similar screwed punt which I will review later. Also noticed she is displaying her face pics now which she didnt use to do so is probably struggling to get business is saw her 15 months ago paid for 30mins was out in 10 she had a good body then looks like she has had a botched european liposuction perhaps or is starving hungry did you smell any ketone breath?

I saw her in Walsall over a year ago,had a bj and cum on her tits,  and then saw her mate as well just as bad.

And now banned. Well done Admin for ridding us of an ungifted prossie.  :drinks:

Offline blue80

Fantastic, she came onto a punting website made for punters to complain about a punter  :scare:

You can see why apart from a select few are on pre-mod status

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