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Author Topic: Vanesa20 - Streatham - Job Centre end  (Read 522 times)

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She is 100% a barebacker so click away now & for the folks who love it (& those who take fully covered services) even you guys will be greatfull to know the rest, if you've noticed this profile.

Location: Its a single floor building at the end of a houses back garden, You access it from a side street behind a row of shops...which takes you into the back garden itself, Its flipping filthy outside when I was done the prossie just threw the used Tissue and used condom into a rubbish pile in the front garden  :vomit:.

Comms: two call, text. WG meets you at sports direct on streatham high road and takes you to her den, otherwise there is noway you'd find the place.

Girl: As per photos I suppose, naked her skins awfull, tits are saggy, teeth need a clean at the dentist.... not evident untill after I had paid.

 I know she's a bb-er because she couldn't even find a comdon, when she did the ow was okay.  During the OW I noticed there was a weird sweet almost cheesy aroma in the air, I didn't think too much off it as romanians usually just smell of shit, BO or raw stinky fishy pussy.

anyway put her on her back first for missionary and I saw that all of her toe nails looked absolutely vile off coloured like a fungal infection (possibly where this smell had come from). My Cock went limp and I just put my clothes on and left, I didn't even bother making polite excuses....

Also sergies talking loudly in another room  :rolleyes: (another erection killer)

£40 for 15mins.

I know Its my bad for visiting these dirty local romanian women, but her ass looked promising & they're not always terrible. I wouldn't normally leave a review but I know many folks on here still go to these places for covered & bb so here is a heads up.

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