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Offline cambsguy

Not someone that punts too often now, partly down to the area being pretty poor most of the time, but had been wanting to see her for a while and diary allowed me to find the time to head to Brandon. https://www.adultwork.com/2683091

Unlike many AW girls, she was pretty good as responding to messages and gave decent replies so nice and easy to set up.

Dead easy to find, end of a cul de sac so parking better further up road. Nice 2 bed house, no horrible smells, all in very good order, could easily move in there without having to redecorate/carpet unlike many WGs. Decent size bedroom and another room wth more bondage/dom gear in:

As the pics, pretty, says 32 and fairly accurate, could be a couple of years older but looks like a very nice MILF who you may see on the school run. very nice body, large boobs, very nice size 12.

A very enjoyable half hour. I wanted some domination which she did, could have been a bit more painful but I do like more than most I guess and often find with what I am after the 2nd call is always a bit better in that regard. I am not a fan of oral but she could convert me, don't think my cock had ever been so swollen when she was sucking on it! Gave me some very good cock torture and happy to improvise. Finished off over her pretty feet.

Someone I will defiantly see again, Good fun, open to ideas and pretty... hard to pick a fault really.

15 review(s) found for Charlottescott69 linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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