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Author Topic: cardiff companions  (Read 608 times)

has anyone used them before im thinking about booking charlie anyone seen her before?


Offline thatguy

Hey Tony,

I used to use them all the time before moving to Bristol. Good regular punter, Nowadays I hardly venture to South Wales for punting.  A solid agency that delivers some good girls.
I've seen Charlie when she was with Portfolio Escorts. Written a review but I can not remember what her name there was. Spool through my reviews, I'm sure you'll find it.
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Offline greggspeter

  :hi:   Posted this last April for what its worth. :cool:

I think this is the same girl I saw her when she worked for portfolio escorts last year. On the plus side, Id say she is quite attractive blonde, friendly and chatty and enjoyed her session, about mid thirties and did anal for an extra 60 and was a heavy squirter.  She gave me her private number in case I wanted to see her outside the Agency. Apparently been sacked from portfolio escorts so maybe up to her old tricks with cardiff companions. She seemed intoxicated or high as her words were tumbling out and didnt always make sense.So the best tactic was to put my hand over her mouth to shut her up  while we were doing our stuff.

Worth a punt if the price is right or your looking for anal, but otherwise you can find better and prettier and someone who can string their words together at a lower price if you take the trouble.

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