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Author Topic: New girl in Swansea. Anyone seen?  (Read 941 times)

Offline Paulsenis

We have a new arrival. Says she is Indian and services look promising on paper.
Feedback from AW looks ok. Anyone seen her?

Try searching. Mixed reviews on here.

Offline HughJardon

I think its open season on big brown Udders today !!!look at the craters on em  :scare:

Feedback suggests she's genuinely Indian
https://www.adultwork.com/3184699 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+SHEELPAA+RANI

1 review(s) found for SEXY SHEELPAA RANI linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Anyone planning a visit today?  She definitely ticks the box on the big nipples front do am looking to visit.  :cool:

I like the look of her. And Indian escorts are rare in this part of the world. Interested to know why there is a warning notice on AW though.

Would very much welcome feedback if anyone does see her

I'm trying to arrange to go tomorrow, always fancied trying an Indian lady.
Which one of you lucky gents is going this lunchtime?  You've just beaten me to it.  Lol.

The unlucky one was me, she does have big nipples like pictures but also a big belly and bum both with stretchmarks.

Hotel booking, she said the door was open, so I walked in and she was in a black tracksuit, decided to stay to sample the nipples which are very big.  I am into kissing but no way was I going to kiss her or have sex, settled for owo and cim so I could get out of there.

Friendly enough girl, leaving today and she said maybe back on Monday.  I definitely won't revisit.

I was thinking of visiting Moorish Melisa for the first time and wish I had now.

Offline Paulsenis

Good on you for taking one for the team.
From the sounds of it thank feck it wasn't me!
Did she allow you just the one unload or is it unlimited?
Was it just the excess belly matter putting you off or was it her overall performance ?

It was the belly matter and it was very vanilla, I only had on pop, she was packed up ready to leave the hotel.  Credit to me for managing to pop, her nipples did it for me.

Lol.  Thank God I failed to arrange one for tomorrow.  Saves me cancelling.

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