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Author Topic: bustymya2 Of Swindon  (Read 1031 times)

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So a few of you want a review of bustymya2, i meet her last year for a one hour meet at my place, she made a bid on my RB and i had seen her profile before and thought it was to good to be true but her profile is fairly accurate, her profile was the just bustymya, she may have changed her profile due to bad feedback

All her pics are of her, she has a stunning petite body great natural boobs and has a curvy peachy bum, very good looking with brunette hair and tanned skin and i would say 5,5 tall with either a slight northern or welsh accent

She arrived in a nice BMW and proceeded to my place, we greeted had a chat and done the paperwork, asked her about her car and she said she works full time as an escort and can afford nice things

We started the meet by light kissing but DFK was avoided by her, i went down on her shaved pussy while she moaned for a while, she stopped me and kept on saying fuck me and get it in me and as im a red bloodied male i took the chance whipped on a condom and went straight for it, she seemed to be very happy but after a short while i came and im a second go last ages kind of guy

So we chatted for a while and i played with those massive tits and when i was ready again i suggested we take two, she said she was sore and this is when it went to pot, she stated her cum once policy which was never mentioned in the past, so i kept cool and said not even a blowie, she said no, so again i kept relaxed and said how about a play with those great tits again which she agreed to, jumped on my lap and i proceeded to worship them, while i was so hard and playing with them trying to make her up for another session she pretended to bang her head or this is what i thought, she may or may not have, so the session died there and then and like the gentleman i am i made sure she was ok and ok to drive, she seemed to perk up and feel like normal but when i mentioned a blowie she kind of said yes but the mood was gone, so we bid each other farewell and she agreed to cum more than once on our next meet

She is a very good looking woman with a hot body but i felt mugged and she has bid on my RB lately but i just cant get past the last meet, and i think im being generous with a neutral but that stunning body and good looks was worth a shitty meet blah

Her likes are not accurate as she avoided some basic needs that all guys want

https://www.adultwork.com/3368802 or https://www.adultwork.com/bustymya2 Swindon

1 review(s) found for bustymya2 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for that. I'm glad you did the review as it's much more in depth than your previous comment on the other thread, which I read as much more positive than this review. Not saying it's a complete negative but not as good as I thought.

No worries, a very honest review

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