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Author Topic: Misha/Samyra - Syston Guest House but now in Leicester - Avoid  (Read 1079 times)

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Offline maleguy

Been on the forum for a while reading and researching before punts but thought it was about time that I contributed. My first review is for a punt with Misha/Samyra (she has 2 profiles on viva street) at the beginning of May. Link to her profile: http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+aylestone-le2/hi-i-m-misha-new--sexy-and-hot-girl----/134697161

She was based at the Syston Guest House - a short walk from the station. Communicated via text before the meeting and arranged a 30 minute session for £40 which included the basic service of massage, covered blow job and sex.

Arrived at the location mid morning and called her - she told me to wait and she would be out in a minute. She arrived promptly and looked as per her pics - young, blonde, slim with curves in the right places. So far so good i thought. She lead me to the bedroom at the back of the property which was poorly lit and curtains fully drawn. Handed over the cash and she disappeared for a moment.

She then returns and almost demands that i strip. No small talk, no pleasantries just straight to action. I remove my clothes except for my boxers and lay on the bed. She strips down to her knickers and reaches for the oil applying a liberal amount to her hands. At this point i said to her that i would prefer a massage without oil as i have sensitive skin. She then mutters something under her breath, presumably in romanian, and throws a strop as she goes to the bathroom to wash her hands.

She returns and precedes to give one of the worst massages i have ever experienced. No technique, now i know most SP are not trained in the art of massaging but a little effort goes a long way, no enthusiasm, just cold. I reach over to kiss her nipples (no kissing on lips) and she says no, "my nipples are too sensitive". I slide my hand down to her knickers and she says no touching. At no point before the meeting had she mentioned no touching - what a let down.

She then reaches for a condom at which point i say to her i'm not hard or turned on. She then attempts a feeble go at a hand job which coupled with her cold demeanor does nothing to wake up the 'lil fella'. After about 30 seconds she then stops and starts staring at the walls, ceiling, in a weird kind of way.

Sensing that this 'experience' is not going to get any better, I quickly dress and leave. Managed to catch the return train back which only arrived 30 minutes earlier. All in all, a waste of £40 and time. I would certainly recommend that people avoid her as once she has your cash, she turns into a piece of wood, actually wood has more personality.

It's a shame as she is decent looking and has a nice body but it clearly only in to scam customers and annoy them into leaving. Look out for some more reviews from me as I have quite a few punts that i want to get off my chest.

Offline Knny

I had similar experience with this nutcase.  See my review.


Offline Jt1234

I also saw her at Syston Guest House, possibly the worst punt I've ever had. After paying her it became clear that she didn't want to provide a service.  She was rude, disinterested, sighing, accused me of being 'angry' which was bizarre as I hadn't said anything. Having paid, and although very put off by the attitude, little man wouldn't get up, I was stubborn enough to get a handjob out of it in the end though.

Pics are real, she's actually quite pretty so definite shame. It's always pot luck with EE girls but this one is a major avoid!!

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