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Author Topic: sharonsummer xx - Whitechapel  (Read 382 times)

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Offline samsama

Well, bad one today

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3167369

I felt like trying someone new tonight and was lazy to go far so looked around my area. This one popped up, no reviews, but I decided that for 60, might as well try it. And well, what a wasted 60. I've tried it for you guys, now at least you know  :lol:

Comms: by text, no problem. Confirmed she did owo via text, sounded good, booked for an hour later.

Location: Building near whitechapel, easy to find. For some reason she went to pick me up downstairs instead of asking me to come up. She came down along with another girl working there (Clarisse Sweet on AW: https://www.adultwork.com/3586783 - boy was she hot, I was regretting choosing sharon tbh). The appartment is poorly furnished and only has a bright light that's directly on your face, not really enjoyable.

Very awkward silent time in the elevator. Sharon showed up like your girlfriend would show up if you come back home late: she was basically in pajamas, no makeup, no hair care, nothing. It looked like she woke up half an hour before. Really not attracted by the complete lack of effort. You're having a client, at least dress up or look nice you know.

When I got in, Clarissa told me sharon doesn't speak any English. Also introduced me to her with a different name. Awkward. I asked Clarissa if I could go with her instead but she told me she was waiting for another client. Too bad because honestly, she looked great. Petite brunette, finely dressed, make up on point, she was really attractive. But well I was there so might as well go for it.

Service was bad. FK was basically pecking with smokers breath. Obviously all silent as she didn't speak a word of English, so it made things kinda awkward. I like my small talk to relax a bit. Her body is ok, she has nice boobs and a firm ass, smooth skin, although without makeup she honestly doesn't really look good, or at least she looks older. Gave up FK since smoker pecking isn't much fun. Didn't feel like giving her oral either. Her boobs were nice but she was absolutely not responsive, so another annoying point. Then I think she wanted to do a massage but screw it I asked her for oral, and she went to pick a condom. I tried to explain her without to which it was a clear no, even though she (or her roommate at least) told me it was ok via text. So well, fast forward to her preparing oral like it was some chemistry experiment, it literally took ages. Condom, then lube, then tissue, then lube again, then hands. Aka how to get back to flacid in a minute. Went to OW, was very average, a bit of hand work as well, I just came asap and left in yet another super awkward silence. At least no teeth included haha

What a waste of time. Could have stayed home and watched Game Of Thrones instead tbh. Waste of money as well. Definitely don't recommend. I would be interested to come back and see the other one as she looked amazing but I don't know, when I get such a negative experience I'm not really keen on coming back to the same place lol

Forget it, there are much better prossies in the area!

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