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Author Topic: Annabel - Angels of London - South Kensington  (Read 797 times)

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Offline mandoo2

From eastern United States, first time over in London for a short holiday, and first time trying a punt.  I read a posting before on Angels of London and it looked like I would have been interested in either Emelda or Hazel.  On a whim, I decided to try someone else based on her picture, with Emelda as my possible backup plan.


Looking at some other sites, it looks like she also goes by:


and Atlanta

Comms - booked through online form on Angel of London's site, confirmed booking using SMS with an app that generates a valid UK phone number

Amount - £150 for 1 hour incall

Venue - looks to be an apartment complex off Sloan Square in South Kensington that is within 5-7 minute walking distance from South Kensington Underground station, apartment looks to be small, bedroom looked to be master bedroom with bathroom attached to it. 

Looks - She looks to be what I expected her to be facially.  Her face is small, but pretty.  Unlike the glamour photos, her hair was in a hair clip or tie.  Not as tall as what was described.    The description in metric and in imperial measurements are inconsistent.  I was expected 5 foot 9, but she was a couple of inches shorter than I am.  I'm about 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 8.  Looks pretty fit, without any obvious flab, signs that she has had implants, but they look good on her.  (34d?)

Details - This was my first time trying this, since it's much harder to attempt in America without running afoul of the law, but tried to follow some of what others on this site have said.  Was texted the address and flat and so I arrived at the prescribed time at her apartment.  I knocked and she opened the door wearing a short robe.  We kiss on both cheeks and we go into her room, where she discusses payment, since it's required by her agency.  I promptly deliver her set amount, in a envelope.  She asks if I want a shower, and I have a quick one.  When I get out of the shower, after figuring out her shower turns on and off, she offers me something to drink and I ask for orange juice. 

As soon as I finish drinking, she notices that I'm somewhat nervous.  I admit that this is my first time doing this.  She disrobes and I see that she is topless, wearing red underwear.  She climbs in bed, after taking her underpants off.  We start to make out and then asks if I'm ready.  I ask if I can have a bj right before, so she puts a condom in her mouth and puts it on my cock before doing a covered blow job.  After a minute or two, she puts some lube on the condom and gets on for cowgirl. 

This goes on for a couple of minutes.  She asks if I'm feeling happy and I say somewhat, but not feeling it yet.  I ask her to go harder and in a couple of more minutes, I come.  She removes the condom and cleans up in the bathroom and gets in bed next to me.  Made an attempt at conversation, but we're just staring at each other naked on the bed.  I ask if I can try giving her oral, she lets me try.  I try for a couple minutes, she seems to enjoy it but not sure if it's fake or not.  My cock comes back to life, and she notices as well.  I ask if we try 69 or intercourse again, but she said that I'm only allowed to fuck only once in an hour.  So she decides to make me cum with a covered blow job.  This goes on for a couple minutes, before she decides to try giving me a handjob instead.  This goes on for a couple of more minutes, but I'm not cumming.  So I ask if she can do it harder, she does and within a minutes, I explode in her hand and body.

She tells me that I can shower and so I do and get dressed in the bathroom.  When I get out, she's back in the robe she had on when we first met and she asks "how are you?", which is what she said at the beginning.  We say our goodbyes and have a quick kiss on each cheek, before leaving and getting back on the Underground to go back to Central London.

Not sure really how to grade this, since this was my first punt, and frankly my first sexual experience.  I've punted two other people since then and there are things I liked and disliked about them.

Positives - attractive face, faces resembles that in pictures, lean body with implants that fit her, was hospitable with offering a drink and with showing how to operate her shower, relatively inexpensive for £150, initiated the first round

Negatives - not very conversational, so I didn't really connect with her, the restrictions on second rounds, inconsistency about her height

She looks to be recommended by Angels on their site, but I might try Emelda instead if I use their agency next time I'm in London.  I would say borderline positive
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