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Author Topic: English Leah, London tour gangbang 'lite' (MMF), Queensway  (Read 2123 times)

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The Set Up

Saw Leah recently for one of her advertised London Gangbang parties. As stated on her profile, a £50 deposit is to be paid in advance - she gave me the option of paypal or a bank transfer - £50 in cash on the day. Comms were emailed through adultwork and she was very prompt in replies with all relevant information.

The day before she emails again with the address and her phone number. The day of I get another email saying that unfortunately she's had a few cancellations - six down to three guys. Always the case I suppose. She was still game, however, and confirmed it would still be £50 when I arrived.

Off the tube at Queensway, texted I had arrived. She told me to arrive for 4:15 for a start of 4:30 - I gathered that she was staggering the arrival of her guests, as she was in a flat that had no door buzzer. She called me while I was walking up to the street and gave clear directions to her basement window, handed me the fob and told me clear directions to get to the flat. In I went past the reception desk who didn't even look up and shortly I had arrived.

Thankfully didn't know the two other guys - had a laugh about that. She offered me the (very good) shower which I had a quick rinse in out of politeness. Room was a little small, with the bed placed against a corner - I'd imagine it'd be a tricky operation to get the full 8 men in there. However, Leah was at pains to say that management had screwed her on the room, and that she normally gets a bigger one without the hassle of the key fob. Regardless, for the four of us it worked out fine.

The Event

One guy established himself as a pure voyeur, didn't get involved at all. So it was left to me and the other chap to have our fun. I suppose it wasn't what I signed up for, but I did enjoy the prolonged contact with Leah that a MMF threesome offered.

She is both facially and physically an attractive young British woman (stated age of 26 seems bang on) with nicely done makeup and hair and was wearing some black body lingerie (with a crotchless bottom) and heels which quickly came off as we got to work. Breasts were small and natural, Leah was slim and had a great ass and legs especially.

Positions were many and varied - on her knees between us sucking us off, standing doggy while bent over sucking the other guy, missionary with legs in whatever positions we wanted while sucking the other guy, doggy on the bed while sucking the other guy...really, just think of a position and add 'while sucking the other guy'. Special mention goes to riding cowgirl - she went for reverse and bounced on her heels for a short time before settling down for a deep grind. Amazingly, I could feel her clench around my dick when the other guy made her gag on his - that was really something else.

Blowjobs were sloppy and deep - she only gagged a handful of times after a prolonged (and at times aggressive) face fucking from the both of us, and neither of our cocks were on the small side. No complaints at all, just a cheeky 'you're a rough one!' then back to being face fucked. No hair pulling though - she said her extentions were expensive. Totally fine with a firm hand on the back of her head, though. Lots of spitting over both of our cocks too - could have been a scene from a porn film, which is of course what I wanted from the whole thing in the first place.

Oral was OWO at all times, sex was covered with plenty of condoms on the side to pull on whenever we wanted. Both her pussy and her mouth were always available, plus she worked with her hands constantly (when they weren't being held behind her back, at least).

Her attitude was almost perfect for the occasion - I'd have liked her to be more vocal as things were rather quiet apart from the sounds of sex, but that's my personal preference I suppose. She was definitely very eager and enthusiastic about everything we asked her to do, and suggested a few things herself. Spanking her ass and fingering her pussy (when it wasn't being fucked) were A-OK. Anal wasn't on the menu (clearly covered on her profile).

At the end of the hour, she got on her knees and the other guy came in her mouth which she dribbled over her tits and I...couldn't manage it at all. I think the pressure from the other two guys watching got to me. The voyeur left shortly after, thanking everyone for the show, and the other guy had a quick shower while Leah cleaned up (and I tried to reawaken my dick, which had been working perfectly well for the previous hour). Before the other guy left, Leah asked me if I wanted to stay after he had gone to try and finish. I noted the time was now 5:30 and the party was over, but she said I was welcome to keep trying - said I had 15 minutes before she had to clean up. As soon as the other guy left, as if by magic, I was back at full mast and ready to cum, which I did, copiously, over her chest and arm. Had a shower, thanked her for being so accomodating and made my way out back to the streets of London.

In Summary

While it was disappointing that there were so many cancellations and I missed out on a proper gangbang, I can't deny I had a ton of fun swapping holes for an hour. Initially I thought the voyeur being there would be strange, but we soon turned it into a feature, making her perform in certain angles for his viewing pleasure. The mood was light and only a little awkward, totally manageable.

Obviously I can't talk about her performance with a bigger crowd of men, but for a MMF experience it was a heck of a lot of fun. If she was disappointed about the lack of guests, she didn't let that show during the session - 100% eager and enthusiastic at all times. I'd actually like to book her again for a one on one session as her deepthroat skills really were admirable in that she could take it deep and pretty rough in a variety of positions with no complaints.

She said there were even less confirmed guests at her next one, Friday 24th. I have a feeling this review might change that - as it should. I had a great time, as I'm sure we all did, and I can only imagine how Leah would shine under the attention of 8 men.

Oh, and I can't comment on her kissing style either, natch.

The queue for this Friday starts here...
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6 review(s) found for English-Leah linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mcardle464

Odd, the profile's disappeared.

Very strange! Leah gave no hint she was thinking of going on holiday or anything else - for all I know this Friday's party was still on. Don't know what to say.

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