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Author Topic: @DELUXE TANYA@ Hendon , Harrow  (Read 2530 times)

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Offline bela911

Greetings !

Saw her 3 times. The first place at Hendon . Wash my cock in the basin, then she give me an acceptable blowjob .Finished in her mouth. She run away with my jizz and spit it to a tissue.
After that she offered a massage. ( I don't really want it ,but I needed some time to recover.)When I was ready I asked her to kneel on the edge of the bad and let me attack from behind. She did... I offered £50 as I entered and asked for extension if things are going well but could not finish. Have not checked the time but didn't pay another £20
Service: OWO
             Penetration (protected) dogging
Price : £50 / half hour
Pictures : Its her
The girl : Slim blond around 40 .The first time she was missing a tooth from the front.

The second and the third time I went to see her in Harrow.She is still there .She went to the dentist ,but this didn't do any good on her blowjob. She become a bit more confident -not cocky, still warm and polite - as she learnt a bit of the beautiful English language but lost of her enthusiasm compering to the first time .
At Harrow I paid for the full hour each time. The bathroom are not the last technology but did the job .
Will I go back? NO


18 review(s) found for @DELUXE TANYA@ linked to in above post (12 positive, 6 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Daaz324

I will try and see her tonight

Just got back from seeing Tanya. Have seen her before however this time was a bit of a let down:

1. Her blowjob technique is not very good compared to last time. She puts the tip of your cock in her mouth and then just moves her hands up and down. No actual sucking just a handjob in a nutshell.

2. She was reluctant to remove her bra, I had to prompt her and in the end I took it off myself. Although I could sense that she was not keen on getting her tits out.

4. Sex was probably the best part of the meet, she was happy to take a good pounding. We fucked on the sofa and the bed. She really gets into it here.

3. CIM was all over the place, she wanked me off and when the time came to pop she opened her mouth a tad bit and caught most of it in her hand. I kind of came all over the place as she kept moving my cock around. It ended up in her nose, cheeks and ruined her make up so then it ran down into her hand. There was a lot of cum and I think she was somewhat surprised and she mentioned I ruined her make up.

Her English has improved a lot however I felt as though she was more interested in counting down the clock and talking rather then actaully getting down to business. I had to prompt her a lot this time round.

In regards to her pussy, it's nice and tidy it tastes sweet, however she's sort of moves your hands away from opening her pussy to get to her clit. I don't know whether she is doing this on purpose or it's just a thing.

Overall I would not go back as there are a lot of other girls in Harrow who provide a better service then her. However I would keep her as a Plan B.

Hope this helps!

P.S Apologies in advance for not putting any reviews up I will get round to it soon!

Offline Daaz324

Thanks mate. I saw nikki instead lol

Offline Steve2

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Offline Daaz324

How was your time with her?

Offline Steve2

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