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Author Topic: HOT SYLWIA 24 Outcall isle of wight  (Read 382 times)

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Ok here goes

One hour booking outcall sent her out the door after 45 mins

£150 plus £20 for owo




Took an hour to my emails, can barely read English.. Maybe she struggles with google translate....
Manage to sort booking out in the end. She arrived late dropped off by driver.


Turn up in jeans and top, really to casual for my liking. She is the girl in her pics.

Looks and body

 No way is she a c cup, more like b cup puppy dog ear tits. And I would say she has had a baby at some stage, as there are stretch marks...  She is very skinny... Girl needs a decent meal inside her..  To be honest at one stage I did consider giving the girl a pot noodle as she in far to skinny..


I never seem to learn, I would say polish is the new Romanian. I opted for hour booking with owo.
Wish I hadn't bothered with the oral without as it was average. I stated that I wanted her to suck me off and and make me cum, so I could recover and then go full throttle with a second round fuckathon... The girl was armed with the dreaded wet wipes... Basically her blow job wasn't good enough to make me cum so I ended up having to wank myself off over her tits...so that's 10mins gone. Tried to finger her but she said no fingers inside..lol ok love

So recovery time, I ask her to play with her pussy while I watch that was a no go... She says she doesn't do it.... The girl must be a fucking nun, so she says she will give me a massage with lube... Lol, so I turn around and grab a bottle of almond oil from my wardrobe and with a grin tell her I want a decent massage her face drops as she now knows I prepared.. And I obviously know how to massage as I'm equipped lol. So I lay on the bed and get a lackluster fucking massage, I ask her to do it harder and she tells me she has a health problem with her hands and wrists lol the problem is love you have stolen Gollums fucking arms, wrist and hands.... So I ask her do you want a massage, she says ok, so I give her a proper massage for 10mins, can't believe I'm paying to give her a massage.... Just to prove what an actual massage is....

So round 2, I ask her to give me a bj, she says it has to be with a condom as I had already cum,, I agree then she try's putting a rubber on my flaccid bored cock.... I tell her she will have to work it with her hand to get it hard which she does.then puts the rubber on and gives me a bog average shallow covered  bj, bored. Now so think to myself she must have a tight pussy as she doesn't mastabate  and doesn't allow fingers in her shaven box.. I was wrong she applied shit loads of lube so I couldn't even feel myself inside her.....

We move on to fucking, with her hand holding the base of my cock to hold rubber on, and move through a few positions in the end I think of one of my previous punts and fill the bag.. We clean up and I try to have a conversation with her but she can barely understand me... Then she goes...


She is the girl in her pics. Maybe her profile pics are photo shopped.
She is polite
She is clean
Allowed me to kiss her nipples
Slight French kissing never deep
Smelt nice


No fingering pussy but you can touch outside of it.
Doesn't play with herself.
Hand holding base of my cock during sex
Inability to deepthroat
Over eager with wet wipes even though I have had a bath 5 mins before booking
No passion, was like fucking a corpse.
Can not deepthroat even though it's on her likes list.

Was gonna give her a neutral but after looking at negatives I'm marking this as negative

Would I recommend her simple answer is no, would I see her again no

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