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Author Topic: Edinburgh - central recommendations  (Read 922 times)

Offline inch


Off to Edinburgh next week and staying close to Edinburgh Waverley station. Hoping to find some mid-afternoon/early-evening action.
Anyone have any suggestions for someone in walking distance? - I won't have a car with me and can't be arsed getting cabs to the middle of nowhere.

Reading the threads seems a lot of the action happens at saunas ... are any of them close to my location?

Thanks for any pointers

Offline Bluefin

Blair St sauna 5 mins walk from waverly station exit at Market St then right up the stairs at fleshmarket close.👍

Offline inch

Thanks, sounds ideal.

How does it work at one of these places? Some sort of door charge and then an additional fee to the girl?

Is it discrete? I don't particularly want a sauna, and want to see a bunch of hairy fat blokes walking around in towels even less ...

Offline Bluefin

Yes I believe its £30 on the door and £70 to the girl for the hr. Havent actually been myself but plenty of reviews on here
Louisa and Heidi are 2 names  I recall being positively reviewed.

Offline bigmike32

Yeah you pay a door fee of 20 for hh then 50 to the girl or 30 for the hour and 70 to the girl. Blair street is good but a lot ee girls i prefer new town sauna when there is scottish girls on. Thats not too far away from waverly either.

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