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Author Topic: Keeley bluebells/cameo  (Read 415 times)

Offline Lenowl

Just reminiscing and wondered if any of you lot know what happened to Keeley
She was a tall very busty girl who I always had good sessions with but she seems to have moved away or retired from the scene

I think all those girls are retired moved on now   :(

Offline Ali Katt

I don't think she's worked at Bluebelles for years.

Offline BOBBY

I may be wrong I think she went on to work for a couple of years as an Indie called Bianca, best girl I have ever seen. If this is the same girl she retired in 2010, which is a real shame

Online Tricks

No matter how good she was, she has to be passed her sell buy date now.

I only purchase from the fresh counter these days :hi:

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