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Author Topic: Busty Adelina Isle of Wight Incall  (Read 415 times)

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This was a punt from last December, been meaning to post a review on her for a while

Incall price £130 for an hour


Location was easy to find house,

Communication was by text as she is shit at responding to aw messaging.

Looks wise amazing body, big enhanced tits. With no visible scarring. And tight shaven pussy.band plain face.

The booking

After several texts made my way to her road was left waiting for 10 minutes while she had a look out of her house window then finally told me address and was greeted at the door with a smiling girl. She was dressed in sexy underwear. And you body looked amazing.

We then went upstairs to a big bedroom with a double bed that looked like it had seen better days had 2 fresh towels folded on it. I sorted out the paperwork without asking the important question.

Services I wanted... Never will I make that error again.

So there was no owo, no kissing,

She kept talking and talking while I wanted to get the punt started this was rather annoying. After 10 mins I managed to get it started asked for strip tease and some grinding. Which was passable, then got her naked and stated sucking on her nipples and kept getting told off for being rough, I was only being gentle....
Started slipping a finger in to her shaven pussy, and she kept closing her legs, so guess that was a no go.....
So then asked for a blowjob, she applied the rubber and did go for it but it was a shallow blowjob no deep throat. She was enthusiastic giving it. Then on to some fucking in missionary. Which was half decent, I went for some big deep thrusts, which got a reaction but not the one I wanted. She said "are you not able to cum, is that why you do it hard" thought that was strange... Then she tells me I have 5mins left when I have only been there 35 mins... Then when I knew I was getting close to shooting my load, I asked if I could cum over her tits, she tells me no..... Annoying so I withdrew and aim for her bed sheet supprisingly she moved in front of me and took a big load over her big tits... Then cleaned her tits with tissue. Then after examining the tissue told me there was no babies in my spunk... Lol wtf, she must be part Romanian gypsy.....

So what can I say, perfect body strange attitude and no I wouldn't see again.
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1 review(s) found for BustyAdelina linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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