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    Author Topic: hot Miriam 2 Girl session, Basingstoke  (Read 975 times)

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    Went into this punt with lower than usual expectations due to limited services.  However for £100 for a duo did think I would get value for money.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Paid: £100 for 2 girls

    Quite good, called got answered quickly booking made.  Was sent detailed instructions on how to find location and asked to call upon arrival for flat number.

    However when I got there, there are two sets of flats.  Called her for the flat number and to ask which set of flats it was.  Got a slightly shirty response for not following instructions.

    The flats seem to be new and Miriam's flat is well kept and clean.  Parking is allocated spaces, however there are non allocated spaces dotted around.

    The girls
    Miriam, age wise I would say late 30's early 40's.
    Mandy, the other girl is about the same.
    The are both big girls with prominent belly's.
    Neither are lookers.

    The service
    I was met at the door by Miriam in a towel, freshly showered and led to the bedroom.  I was asked to strip naked.  Miriam sat on the bed and watched me.  I then sat on the bed next to her and asked about the 'other' girl.  She replied soon, she's having a shower.

    The kissing started, well actually a couple pecs on the lips and she played with me.  Mandy then walked in and she gave me a couple of pecs on the lips and helped Miriam play with me.

    Miriam positioned herself so I could suck her tits, Mandy then rubbered me up and gave me a blow job.  I asked if Miriam could go down and suck my balls.  "We don't do that, only with our boyfriends" was the reply.

    So I asked if they kiss or play with each other, "no" was the response.

    So I asked if I could have one fuck me whilst I played with the other.  They obliged, Mandy was a bit rough in positioning my legs.  She rode me until I was ready to cum and she stopped as her phone started to ring.  WTF!!!

    So I told her I was close to coming, after she ended the call.  However, things had gone a bit floppy.  Miriam then swapped and gave me a very hard handjob, I asked she slow it down a bit and be a bit softer.  After a bit, I came.  She promptly announced she was off to the shower. 

    Mandy offered a massage, I accepted, however the phone rang again and she answered.  The whole time time I could hear the whole conversation.  Miriam came back after a few minutes, and I asked if they make me a cum a second time, they obliged.  However, I asked if I could have the BJ without, again another negative response.

    On with the condom.  I had one hand on Mandy's pussy and the other other on Miriam's, I attempted to finger but got told no, they don't do that.

    However phone rings again and Mandy answers it.  Getting a bit pissed off, I get up and ask for the shower.

    Off to the shower, got cleaned up.  Got dressed and left.

    I know this was a cheap punt, but it was still crap.


    Answering of calls during the punt
    Even though it's specified on the likes, no FK and oral was with
    Felt very controlled
    Mandy was very rough in the way she tried to position me
    Apart from the momentary sense of joy when I did cum, the rest of the session was just dire

    Would I go again?
    Do you even need to ask?  :thumbsdown:

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    Offline mh

    I know this was a cheap punt, but it was still crap.

    So did you mean for this to be marked as a Positive review?

    Online James999

    Is your Positive rating correct or an error?

    If you report the post to Admin and ask him to correct to a Negative or Neutral he will sort  :hi:

    This should have been a negative, I've changed it now.

    Thanks for the review I was tempted byt the 2 girl option but if they don't play with each other whats the point. More money saved by this site.

    Link for Mandy ?

    There is none that I can find and Miriam's page does not have a link either.

    Online contentguy

    Could this have been the elusive "Mandy".
    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]


    Looking the location, ethnicity and the way some of the wording is done in comparison to Miriam it seems like she is.

    Having read the feedback for Miriam and Mandi there is mention of a Petra on both.

    So I'm fairly sure that is her.  The first pic on her profile is quite flattering but deceptive if it is her.

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