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I decided to take a punt on this lady as, she has a lot of good AW feedback and reviews although not reviewed on this site
The text within her profile suggested she was a mature, elegant and sophisticate woman which ticks boxes for me, besides which I was intrigued by the reference to four poster beds and the quiet rural location.

Contacting her was a bit of a pain but eventually agreed on a time and date. As usual given a post code and told to call when I got there for detailed directions.
Arrived punctually and sent a text – no answer.
Tried a frequent interval including phone calls for 15 minutes.
I was about to drive away when I got a reply and the directions.
Arrived at her place and received no real apology for having kept me waiting for over 15 minutes.

Very rural and isolated small barn conversion. Perfect for a discrete punt.
An external door takes you straight into a very small bedroom with not much more than the four poster.

She clearly thinks a lot of herself and based upon AW feedback others do too but to be quite frank she isn’t that posh and she does not fulfil the definition of posh totty.
I’m 6 foot and she looked me straight in the eye but she is proportionally wider too.
I didn’t find her attractive and her broad body did nothing for me.

With lots of reference to good lingerie in her profile I was expecting something special but I recon my misses has got some sexier stuff than what she was wearing and believe me that’s saying something.

Started with a bit of oral which was covered but OK.
Went for some RO but not very fresh down there so didn’t stay for long.
Asked for cowgirl but she said she hadn’t got the energy as she had had a busy day, so mish it was.
After I had shot my bolt she poked around me with her huge vibrator but I wasn’t really interested in staying any longer.

Got dressed and left.
Pleased I only booked the half hour

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1 review(s) found for -PoshTotty- linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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