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Author Topic: Let's Relax Acton  (Read 955 times)

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Offline Houtkop

On the way home I past Thai Touch and the girls in the window looked very cute, stopped and was about to go in but thought I would check here first.
Feedback was very light and mostly hinted that HE where not on offer. So now being in the mood for a Rub and Tug followed the feedback and looked up Lets Relax Studio, just down the road.
Called up and was told, in very broken English that half an hour was £25.
So I headed over.
I was met by Linda, not a looker and in her 40's. Sorted out the paperwork and was shown into a small room, very small the massage bed only just fit with a bit of walk space around it. Wet towels laying on the chair from a previous punter?!
It was only £25 so I let it pass. Stripped lay down Linda locked up and came in, she was the only one there.
Her massage technique was okish, nothing special. When she got near the tops of my legs and ass she let a few fingers linger, hinting more was to come.
She then asked me to turn over. I was very happy to, there was a slight smell of cat wee or wet towel that I could smell while laying face down in the room... Very quickly she turned her attention to my now erect cock and asked if it needed a rub, she wanted £30 I said £20, she said no less than £25. As £50 in total is what I have come to expect I reluctantly agreed.
Hand job technique was on par with her massage...ok.
Lots of oil and rhythm but she did tend to use her nails a bit heavily over my sack and they where sharp, after asking, she was a bit more gentle.
I did ask if she offered any other services and she said £50 to be topless...at that point and with her, not a option.
I finished up and she wiped me down. Got dressed and left.
On leaving there was now a very cute young girl on the desk...where was she when I came in!
I would not recommend the place as it was small and not very clean but that cute girl may be worth a second chance and it is cheap?!

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