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Author Topic: Mercedes, The Garage Newport  (Read 1439 times)

Offline Yankee

Hey guys
            I'm new to all this but took the plunge with Kim who was incredible and would highly recommend her.
As variety is the spice of life i will be looking to see Mercedes next visit, has anybody had experience with her? She looked pretty dam fine when I seen her

Online Corus Boy

Welcome Yankee.

Any chance of a full review?

Offline Yankee

When I get 5 il write a full review  :thumbsup:

Offline biker-boy

Do you know if Charlie's still there?

Offline Yankee

Ok here goes,
On doing some Google research The Garage Girls website appears, great looking website although needs updating on who is working there but hey. I find this site aswell so I pluck the courage up to call, the girl on the phone is very nice, described who was working there that day (I'm sure was a Friday) anyway Kim and Mercedes are the girls and I would have my pick on arrival, sounds great. The place is easy to find just off the main road (if you call the girl will tell you how to find it but it ain't difficult) it's like a upstairs apartment as I go up I'm shown into a room on the right its all clean and tidy new sheets on the bed and genuinely pleasant. A girl walks in says "hi I'm Kim how are you" gives a smile and walks out dressed in short dressing robe, a taller girl walks in says " hi I'm Mercedes" smiles, turns and walks out. Sounds pretty awkward as I write it genuinely it wasn't, the girl who showed me in appears says "was that ok? Who would you like to see" il be honest it was a tough choice but I read about Kim being awesome on this forum so I say Kim

Kim walks in all smiles (it's a great smile to) throws her arms around me immediately puts me at ease, she's small, tanned,dark hair probably mid thirties very attractive. So we have a bit of a chat. She says " you ready" I'm like you kidding me! She opens her dressing gown to show very nice breasts! Fake but nice all the same! I lye down she breaks out the massage oil and goes to work.

She massages the goes down over the ass and just touches between your legs which fells pretty amazing! As she's massaging we are just chatting about anything having a laugh, she's great fun a real nice girl and easy to get along with, after relaxing me she's says are up for a bit of oral always covered but wow can she suck a dick as she sucking me she's looking up at you with very sexy eyes after a bit of oral she says " ok how you want me" being a bum man from behind was definitely the way so looking down at my cock sliding in her pussy was pretty awesome she has a great ass to look at as you fuck her from behind, we change positions and she sits on me cowgirl style then leaning forward telling me how much she wants my cum, being the gent I am I had to oblige! Fuck! Kim is very hot and very good as we are recovering she hands me tissue for the condom and asks if I would like a drink

As I'm leaving she gives me another hug and says thank you.
I would not hesitate on going back here and seeing Kim again she's highly recommended!

To the guy who asked about Charlie, I'm not sure as it was only Kim and Mercedes working that day.
Hope this review is ok guys

Offline HughJardon

Nice review, I have had Kim massive fake titties, a decent punt , I havent been for donkeys though, still its good to hear its going strong, for a quick oil change

Heres the AW link for TGG

https://www.adultwork.com/931972 or https://www.adultwork.com/garagegirls121

Nice to have you on board Yankee.

Haven't been to GG since St Julian's.  Might give it another go on your recommendation, as Newport is a punting vacuum.

There is a review section.  Why not cut and paste the review there too (in future just do it there). Reason being that's where everyone will find it wh3n looking for feedback on girls.

Hope that doesn't come across me telling you what to do or patronising, just this will be missed as a review if not there.

Offline Yankee

Thanks guys yea il copy and paste it there, thanks for the advise sir

Offline Champ808

HI seems the garage girls Newport popped up on here I thought I mention that naughty nadine is doing a few days a week there. I was there Sunday an I had the best oral with in my life.

Offline Yankee

Do you know what days she works ?

Only been there once, some time last year, as I knew Natalie from when she worked at Kandi Girls as Amelia.  Seen on the AW link that she is advertised as 20 years old when she is really late thirties.  Very attractive girl though.  I too would like to see Nadine as I have always been unable to contact her when trying to make a booking.

Offline Champ808

I'm not 100 percent what days nadine works but I know she definitely works Tuesdays an Sundays you won't regregret it.

Offline wales7

I saw charlie at xmas phoned again in March they said she's does not work at garage girls anymore would like to know if anybody knows if she still working

   Charlie & Atlanta have ad in echo Pink 2 nos

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