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Author Topic: SexySSacha - Bristol  (Read 1848 times)

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I saw Sacha a couple of weeks ago, good punt as follows:

Location:  Basement flat in a large house just off Whiteladies Road, near the BBC building.  There is parking in the road outside but I used the NCP at the top of Jacob Wells Road, about 5 mins walk away.  The bedroom was cramped and full of Sacha's stuff, its obvious that she lives there and its not just a working flat.  However, bedroom and bathroom were clean and the bedroom was big enough for a double bed - so that's good.

Comms:  Initial contact via AW messaging. Sacha was not available on the day I first contacted her but responded reasonably promptly and we setup a meeting for the following day.  She gave me her phone number, I confirmed by text the next day and she gave me her post code.  Called when outside for the flat number.  All very straightforward. Sacha is happy for returning clients to contact her by text once she has given them her number.

Appearance:  Sacha is Scottish with a gentle Edinburgh accent, so no language problems.  She describes herself in her AW profile as "exotic beauty" - that's pushing it a bit.  She's not unattractive but I would not give her a second look if I passed her in the street.  Physically, she's of medium height and quite stocky - a good size 12 I'd say.  There's only 2 photos on her profile but they do give an accurate idea of her figure.  Large boobs with pierced nipples and a very "grabbable" bum.  She was dressed in a very simple, side-less, dress with nothing underneath - and the dress came off very quickly.

Service:  I usually go for a relaxed one hour appointment but Sacha only had a half-hour available. There was no timewasting and we were both quickly naked.  Sacha then went down on her knees to say "hello" in a very acceptable way.  We moved on to the bed for mutual groping, OWO and RO, then on with the condom for CG, doggy and T-bone.  I then went for anal - entry was a bit difficult to start with but Sacha applied some lube to both of us and in I went - gentle to start with and then picked up the pace. I removed the condom and came over her back, with my cock nestled between the cheeks of her arse and her wiggling her bum enthusiastically.  Sacha cleaned me up, we cuddled for a few minutes  and then I went for a shower.  It was just on the half hour when I left, but I did not feel pushed out.

Summary:  A good, young, English-speaking SP.  I'm pretty sure that everything on her enjoys list would be available if requested.  £60 for 30mins, with no extras charged for,  is good value and I will be returning.

11 review(s) found for SeductiveSultryJenni linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline hottext72

Good review, sounds good value for money, added to HL   :drinks:

been trying to sort out a visit, but the girl doesn't respond to texts, even though her number is displayed on her profile? weird.

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