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Author Topic: FOFFT 2016 - Pim - Poni Hot Thai Orchid - Nottingham  (Read 844 times)

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Offline PickleTwiddler


£100 for 1 hour.  She's definitely not 27!  I'd believe 37.  Images are accurate, but as the face is blurred you obviously can't see how old she really is.

Fairly basic session.  Bit of a rub down to start with as I wasn't very relaxed.  She doesn't kiss.  Nice large enhanced boobs as you can see on the profile pic; a close investigation led to Mr Happy becoming ready.  She climbed on top for a bit of cowgirl, then after a few minutes switched to mish (perhaps she hoped I would finish quickly, but I'd booked for an hour, so...)  Only slight complaint is that she tried once or twice to whip the condom off to finish me by hand, but I wasn't done with shagging her, and I've been with other girls who deftly whip the condom off then tell you it's only one condom per session, so I'm wise to that one now.  Couple more scenery changes later the job was done; completed the hour with a further rubdown (which was OK) and we cleaned up and I left.

I won't be back.  Not a memorable visit by any means.  Poni needs to advertise her girls more accurately and if I was expecting an older girl then fine, but turning up expecting a 27yo and getting a 27yo's mum (well maybe not quite) really isn't on.  I don't think I've had a memorable shag at Poni, so I think that'll be my last visit there.  Hence the neutral.
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19 review(s) found for Poni Hot Thai Orchid linked to in above post (13 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

Sorry you didn't enjoy your punt mate.

I had a very similar experience with her. It wasn't pleasant and the whole booking just seemed mechanical!

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