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Author Topic: MissBustyVanessa xx  (Read 710 times)

4 review(s) for MissBustyVanessa xx (2 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Plan R


1st review.
Re starting an old hobby of mine as Mrs CRM114 (thats not a postcode), has decided that a years involuntary celibacy is ok. Well like fuck it is. Anyway.. I digress...

Excellent comms, first rate, friendly and reassuring.
This was especially important as I had over an hours drive to get to Folkestone for our meet

Venue: A busy seafront hotel. Lovely anonymous yet friendly atmosphere at reception.
I was lost in the crowd  and walked to the lifts as instructed by one of Vanessa's texts.

I think it is Vanessa in the pics. She is about 29 as her profile states. However she has gained (cough) a few pounds since the pics were taken (at a conservative estimate).

Having said that, I found her very sexy. If you like big girls so will you. Soft tanned skin and the most mahoosive tits I have ever got my hands on (and I have been a big tit fan my whole life).

£100 paid for one hour. Quick shower and down to business.

Deep french kissing which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Condom on and I fucked her from behind, she moaned appreciatively - and will hopefully get a BAFTA if it was an act.
Half way through fucking I went down on her while she stayed in the doggy position.
I even rimmed her a bit. Naughty me but I couldn't resist that big golden bum.

To finish, a BJ while I played with her pussy and arsehole (no finger in either though).
Vanessa expressed a strong preference for covered for the BJ
oh well - I watched her taste her own pussy juice off the condom which was a turn on.

I took the condom off to spunk and she licked my balls thoroughly, coming very close to rimming me.
Cork well and truly popped she gave me fantastic massage.

Very friendly and chatty girl, very engaging, lots of eye contact and friendliness which is important to me.

Remember I hadn't had sex in a year and I wanted a GFE which (apart from the covered BJ) I got.
If you like big (solid, not flabby) girls I think you'll be happy.

Overall a good punt.
I'm glad to be back in the punting Fraternity  :drinks:

Actually it was a year and 15 days involuntary celibacy - but who's counting?

4 review(s) found for MissBustyVanessa xx linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Riprock

Definitely my cup of tea.   What was the arse like?

Offline Plan R

Like a big golden peach.
Fresh as a daisy (this is not hyperbole).
I playfully slapped it too a couple of times - there were no complaints.
Like I said, and maybe should've emphasised more, she's solid not flabby.
A big girl no doubt, she even said so herself, (apologetically), but solid.

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