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Author Topic: Supposed Twins Edinburgh  (Read 1228 times)

Offline AVGscot

Just seen two lassies claiming to be twins and offering threesomes. Now I know they almost 100% aren't twins but if they offer everything else on their profiles could be a fun wee ffm punt.


Offline AVGscot

On second thoughts despite being "twins" ones Brazilian and ones Portuguese making them more than likely Romanians who's profiles and likes ain't worth shit.

Offline David1970

One is 24 years old and the other is 25 years old on ther profiles
Twins born in diffrent countries diffrent ages  :lol: :lol:

Offline ickydicky

its all shite shite shite gypo hoors :diablo:
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Offline Jake1980

They're from the big place at Bruntsfield

In my experience anal and cim are very unlikely from the girls there but it's a decent enough service but I'd class them in the £60 h/h region you're paying a premium for them for not a lot extra although I've experienced a decent owo a few times but the location is convenient for me
which is why I've been there a few times

Don't know about actual ethnicity but they are definitely more latin than EE

Offline TKovac

Could be Romanian and unlikely to siaters, do think though that they are of south American extraction. Quite a few Brazilians are of Portuguese extraction. Also they seem to pick up fake Portuguese I'd cards readily and aw isn't exactly immigration in how much check it they do

Offline AVGscot

If another bet on the euros comes in I might just pay them a visit. Tick ffm of the list. 

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