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    Author Topic: Cologne Pascha - 7 floors of hoors  (Read 1129 times)


    . 5 euor entry
    . left side builing is club/strip club
    . Right side building is Pascha Fkk style club entrance. You go up lift to 11th floor.
    . central building is good house.
    . 20mins at 50-euros and 30-mins at 80-euros
    . cheap girls go for 30-euros (floor 1) - outside rooms it has a sign to indicate "value"
    . some nice looking cheap girls were present.
    . has bar on 2 floors - soft drinks free, hard drinks start a 3-euro
    . has hair dresser for girls and gift shop too
    . some girls may charge you 20-euro to use their shower, others want more
    . a better mix if girls at night (good to see some Heavy women and slim women meaning there is something for everyone)
    . most appear Romanian - but no shouting, only occasional chats with each other.
    . girls may be in hair dressers or bar to arrest
    . rooms fairly basic with big bed in all and mirrors in some
    . TS on 7th floor - did not venture
    . chatted quite a few girls and most say they start from 6pm
    . a empty chair outside a room means a girl is present but busy

    Day time report:
    . day time is dimly lit so hard to tell what girls look like from distance
    . feels like Tenpenny Tower from fall out 3
    . only a few girls working (3 per floor)
    . spotted a few I would easily book if they were in UK
    . girls friendly and chatty, willing to flirt
    . very few customers
    . door staff indifferent

    Night time report:
    . pizza place downstairs busy with revelers
    . door staff much harder looking - the could probably punch a charging train to a full stop
    . more girls and some good gems there (size 4-6, up to 8-10, and sine plus 12)
    . more customers, and felt more social
    . more lighting it seems
    . girls were friendly and would be very polite (no grabbing)
    . some guys wait in waiting area

    . DAY TIME PUNT. Floor 6 - Anna. Romanua. Blonde haired, size 6, blue eyes, nice boobs. 20-mins at 50. Straight covered sex. Good grind. At first she said "no finish in pussy". I objected, and chatted to her about why and how condoms break (oil instead or proper lube, ow, and girl pulling condom) and she changed her mind. Took a good pounding.

    . NIGHT TIME PUNT. Room 412. Blonde, Romanian, very fit size 4-6, cheeky looking cap wearing girl. Looked very much like a uni cheerleader chick. 20-min 50-euro. Room with 2 good mirrors. Took a great pounding from behind.
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    Additional info:

    Pacsha fkk club - there were said to be 13 girls working on that night, and only 3 in that day. The receptionist admitted better to go about 8pm as the "better looking girls" work later. Asked about whether the girls were like models she replied "mixed". I decided not to go up, instead I would have more choice in 6 floors of hoors.

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