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Author Topic: Adultwork Escort and Webcam  (Read 264 times)

Offline Ruski

Just something that has become a pet peeve and wondering if anyone else feels the same.

I must say i punt very rarely and always when I'm Single. However i do like to see whats out there.....:)

Something that i like to do is check out the webcams of cammers that offer meets (Escorts) mainly with my likes and interests (mainly Deepthroat and A levels) I can then see if they are as pretty as they look, and as genuine and filthy as i need them.

Here's my Peev. Im sick to death of cameras who 'Offer' Escort services but don't actually offer escort services. There are two types..

1. Plutonic meets only or these new age 'mistresses' who offer all the services except sexual ones.... after Sugar daddy etc - i can just tolerate this.
2, and the worst type. Cammers who offer Meets BOTH in calls and out and blatantly Don't meet......

exhibit A......https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3527231

Just thought id see if anyone else feels the same

Offline Loverat

It's an absolute pain.
I'm only interested in escorts, not camming, but the problem is the same.

One thing you can do is set a price limit on your search.  A lot of cammer spammers set ridiculously high escort rates to discourage requests for meets. Setting a limit cuts some of them out of your search results.
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