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Author Topic: Vivastreet Aberdeen  (Read 1212 times)

Anyone got any reviews good or bad about any of the WGs on Vivastreet at the moment? There are a few tidy looking ones but I don't want to get B&S.

I'll list names of the ones I have my eye on. 

Amanda 07342 911738  - http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+ruthrieston-ab10/hi-i-am--amanda---naughty-girl-in-aberdeen/135119276
She is a pretty girl if genuine.  That photo in the leopard print is hot.

Izabel 07392 854667  - http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+george-street-ab25/izabel----incall---outcall---100--real/135403928
Not the prettiest with all the cosmetics yet decent body and £120 for an outcall is tempting.

Kate 07492 392593  - http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+george-street-ab25/just--outcall-naughty-girl-in-town/132200015
Looks really tidy and £140 an outcall.

There was another lass with flourescent underwear brunette with really tanned skin.  Jasmine I think was her name, she was on earlier.  Another tidyI thought.  £100 Incall, I think £140 outcall. 

Any feedback much appreciated.

Offline auldie63

Odds on that's 3 Romanians.

Amanda and Kate look cracking. Especially Amanda. Cant say little more than that sorry.

Been years since I lived up there but Ruthrieston? From memory not the nicest spot if im not mistaken. At least George street is central if not glamorous :P

George Street is a red flag for me.  Romanians seem to be shacked up by the truck load in dingy flats in George Street.  Amanda is meant to be Polish.  Unsure about the rest.

Think Rutheriston is Holburn.  I'm originally from north of the city.

Offline Luvarug

Amanda looks great but doesn't do OWO or French Kissing yet they're both on her likes list. I can live without the kissing but OWO is a must.

Izabela one is just a NO going by those pictures

Is amanda a good fuck?  She looks hot.

Never used viva street before.
Your taken one for the team here!
They are all bonnie girls but you never know about the service you will get.
Could phone and see what response you get?

I've given up the ghost in Aberdeen. Haven't had a punt in an age albeit been working away off an on nothing has changed in months. It's horrendous what's on offer. The odd decent girl appears once in a blue moon usually when I'm not around. Never use VS as a rule and to me those 3 look sus. Very frustrating but current pickings just not worth the bother or parting with the hard earned.
Good luck though one might the exception to the rule.

Have you run a Google reverse image search on the pics to see if they pop up anywhere else?

Nothing on the reverse image search. 

I suspect they are genuine in the sense that the photos are legit.  The people could be legit too, I just don't want a crap service. 

I do know of WGs who pay other girls for permission to use their photos so the ol' B&S could be a possibility.

TOFTT will be on the cards.

Offline sub_marine


Noticed about 4 girls at the moment on VS all photographed in front of the same scabby backdoor, the above profile is one of the girls who is also on AW.  Has anybody been inside the property, just wondering if its a dump or why they get photographed outside.  I'm guessing its legally classed as a brothel as multiple girls run from it.

I have seen one of the girls who poses at the back door.  Lariss or Lola or all the other names she uses.  Not sure if I seen her in that exact flat.  I done a review on her recently.  There is at least 6 or 7 girls pictured at that back door.  Most of them have the same photos.

Offline sub_marine

OK had a read, I'm keen on trying "Carolina hot" or "madalina sexy"on ES, I'll see if they are around in a week or two

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