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Author Topic: Helen - Hortons Heath  (Read 627 times)

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Had 30 mins to spare, and decided to visit a well-known knocking shop beloved of football managers, amongst others, as it was nearby.


My expectations were low, and I was prepared to walk, but I gave it a try.

Easy to find, if you know the area.  It's in a light industrial unit behind a garage.  I parked further down the industrial area and walked up.

Inside it looks like any other seedy parlour.  Decor is poor, it's more or less clean, and has a Jacuzi (not working) and a Sauna (not on).  £50 for 30 mins.  My girl was "Helen" - a petite (if slightly stocky) Thai woman of 30ish.  She didn't immediately appeal to me, but she had a sweet smile, and instinct said it was worth pursuing.

Very friendly woman, attentive and gentle.  I asked her to be slow and teasing (rather than going straight for the jugular), and after a while of very sensual touching (with oil) I was really very hard.  She started rubbing her (really quite nice ~34B) tits on my cock, and kissing me all over, before diving in for some unexpected DFK.  More oil, more teasing, and then on with a cover.  Add some lube and suddenly she was riding me, and I was really enjoying myself.  Continued for really quite a while before I shot my load.  She cleaned me up, and continued to massage and kiss me for a long time.

Finished with a shower and a nice chat.  I was probably there for 40 mins in total.

Good experience, unexpectedly.  Girls change every Monday apparently.  For guaranteed FS for £50, it's not a bad place for a pump and dump.
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Offline Stiltskin

I saw Helen in Horton Heath a few months ago, she really is a great GFE. I went there for a pump n dump after plans A and B didn't come off in Soton. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a nice friendly girl. I'm wondering if she works anywhere else, I know of at least one other that does.

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