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Author Topic: ava.rose.london (née Gorgeous Almma) - Adultwork  (Read 2201 times)

9 review(s) for gorgeous almma (0 positive, 4 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
2 review(s) for ava.rose.london (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Jason

Escort name: Ava Rose (AW nickname: ava.rose.london - previous name: Gorgeous Almma; aliases: Eden, Irene)
Current Adultwork profile: https://www.adultwork.com/3334089  (image form here)
Former Adultwork profile: https://www.adultwork.com/3013927
Agency profile 1: http://www.admiralescorts.com/escort/busty-elite-petite-brunette-32dd-irene-3838
Agency profile 2: https://www.divaescort.com/girls/brunette-knightsbridge-eden/
Current Phone & Phone number in March 2016: 07538333068
Former Phone numbers: 1. 07448748553 (on her Ava Rose profile at the time of 2nd booking), 2. 07448414001 (on her previous Almma profile)
Incall Independent Prices (at the time of booking): 0.5hr: £60, 1hr: £110, 1.5hr: £170
Current Incall Prices (piss-taking): 1h £350, 2h £600
Number of Visits: 2, Total time spent: 1 hour (=0.5+0.5), Total Fee Paid: £120 (=£60+£60)
Dates of Visit: 1. October 2015, 2. June 2016, Time of Visit: 1. Afternoon, 2. Evening
Type of Visit: Incall (1. Bond Street W1K, 2. Oxford Circus W1W)

I met Ava Rose (formely Gorgeous Almma) twice so far - the first time was back in October 2015 (relevant post here) and again a few days ago in June 2016. Up until I met her again in June 2016 I was not aware that Ava, who also appeared on agencies as Irene/Eden for £250 an hour, and who I tried to book back in March 2016 as independent (at her then advertised Adultwork rate of £170 an hour - relevant post here), was in fact Almma who I met back in October 2015 through Adultwork when she used to charge £100ph (though this Ava's picture here was making me thinking that she has a body very similar to Almma's). Having met her both then and now I have to say her service has been upgraded but even back then I didn't personally find her to be a particularly bad service provider. It was a neutral punt for me back then, and a higher neutral now. By the way yesterday she bumped her prices up from £110ph to £350 for an hour which is laughable. That being said it was £170ph between February 2016 and mid-May 2016. Given the service she provides she is not worth more than £60 for half hour or £100 for an hour.

ABOUT THE VENUE: (mostly positive)
The first time I met her it was in Bond street W1B - I described that venue in my negative review about her then flatmate Miss Jessy here. The place I met her the second time was an apartment in a modern building in W1W, 6-7 minutes walk from the Oxford's street tube station. The flat itself was nice. Bedroom was on the small side but was nonetheless clean and tidy and the bed was good. My only criticism is that there was no good place to put on /hang on my clothes after undressing- a chair would be nice. The bathroom was clean and modern. There were enough shower gels and a clean towel was handed by Ava. Anyway a decent venue overall. Her current place is now Knightsbridge SW1X - at the location given on the maps of Diva escorts (link at the top of the review).

Ava (formely Almma) is a very hot, beautiful brunette Romanian girl in her early-mid 20s (profile says 24 and it is true - she was born in 1992) with pillow lips and almond eyes. Body-wise a slim/fit size 6-8, about 1.64m (~5ft4in-5ft5in) tall, with a wonderful arse, smooth skin and enhanced perfect looking 32/34DD boobs. Her current main profile pictures are those she used for the agencies and are better ignored altogether. But not to worry. Below I display accurate pictures of her from her previous previous profile which I saved from the first time I met her. According to my beauty scale her a face score is 8.6/10 and her body score of 8.9/10 (the body score is "unfairly" lowered due her height - without the height criterion her body score would be 9.4/10).


Polite, friendly and relatively easy-going and laid-back. Not engaging enough though, rather distant and detached instead, and overall, I would say, boring and dull. You need to be the one who is going to initiate any kind of interaction and she is generally "too professional" in the negative sense - i.e. you clearly feel that this is purely a business transaction. Which of course it IS, but you shouldn't feel it DURING a punt that is supposed to be "GFE". Perhaps she should have kept her previous name - ALMMA="Arms'-Length Machinelike Manners & Attitude". Anyway she IS nonetheless pleasant enough to be with for a 30 minute booking (though not for anything longer than that).

Other Facts
1. Good English level, B1-B2 level (Intermediate) as that is defined by CEFR.
2. Almma used to belong to the notorious "Gorgeous-Deluxe-Porn" group (the name resulting from the prefixes the girls of this group typically use in their nicknames) touring across several locations in London as well as several other English cities. Now it seems she doesn't belong to that group anymore.
3. When I met her for the second time under her new name and profile "Ava Rose" she denied categorically that she used to be Almma. She instead pretended that she's just someone with a strong resemblance to her! I presume she doesn't want to associate her new profile with her previous one either because of the fact it used to have plenty of negative feedback or because she was planning to remarket herself as "high class".
4. The girl that I met in June 2016 as Ava and the girl that I met in October 2015 as Almma are the same person and this is one trillion percent FACT. There is absolutely zero margin of error.
5. As I said in my warning here (which I posted before my booking in June), I speculated about the possibility that another girl must have taken over the profile from the real Ava temporarily and that when the real Ava returns and takes her profile back the prices, phone and location would change back to their pre-May state. Which is exactly what seemingly happened yesterday! However now I rule out the possibility that the Ava I met (who is definitely and undoubtedly Almma) was just a fake temporary substitute of the real Ava. I am confident that the Ava I met (who is definitely and undoubtedly Almma) is the real Ava (i.e. the person who I tried to book back in March 2016) and who used to be on agencies as Eden/Irene (and the profile photoshopped pictures belong to). So to recap: original Ava (girl I tried to book in March 2016)=incorrectly speculated "fake Ava" (girl I eventually met in June 2016)=original Almma (girl I met in October 2015). OK I think I hope this is clear now...

(A) Meeting arrangement: (mixed)
1. In October 2015, the first time I booked her, the original contact was text-only and handled by her group receptionist. Subsequently, upon arrival, you would be contacted directly by Almma from her private phone.
2. In March 2016 I tried to book her from her Ava Rose profile but the booking didn't came into fruition (detailed description here). In hindsight it was good as her fee back then was £170 for the hour and £100 for half hour.
3. In June 2016, when I booked for the second time, the phone number displayed on Adultwork connects to her directly (and you can talk to her too). Similarly to the first booking, upon arrival she called me and texted me from her private number (another private number) in order to give me her flat number. Now to enter the building instead of just buzzing me in when I dialed her number on the intercom or when I called her back on her phone, she sent me the entrance password to dial it and get past the entrance myself. And hell, it is heck of a password! A convoluted combination of bells and whistles. It felt like deactivating an alarm system with laser guns ready to shoot in case I pressed a button wrong. Anyhow I got in. It was not difficult - just felt strange.

(B) During the meeting: (mixed)
Services offered in the first meeting: protected penetration sex, body kissing, OW, handjob, lipkissing
Additional services offered in the second meeting: Light French kissing, OWO, COB

1. OK enough sex. Fucked her rigorously in a few classic positions (missionary, doggy variations).
2. OWO was offered in the second booking though she clearly prefers giving OW. Decent enough blowjob but nothing special.
3. OK handjob.
4. Gives that pornstar-like looks (e.g. pouting her lips) during sex, blowjob and handjob
5. Didn't particularly rush me to cum though she is not too keen in prolonged penetration.
6. Some light French kissing was offered in the second booking. An upgrade from the first booking.
7. COB was allowed the second time. She took a large load of cum on her tits. Well I saved it for a few days...
8. No timewasting tactics or clockwatching. She was honest with the time. There is a time reminder close to the end but reasonable. Actually with my shower at the end I went 2-3 minutes overtime.
9. Immaculate clean.
10. Nicely presented. The first time I booked her she opened the door topless and wearing stockings, thong and high heels. The second time she opened the door bottomless again wearing stockings, and high heels. Good makeup too. Both times she was impressive. The first time I think she was a bit more than the second time.
11. Second meeting started on time.

1. Not keen on prolonged penetration. About 15 minutes per half hour maximum allowance (I think I got about 12). She reasoned that after a rigorous 10-15min penetration her pussy needs a shower to calm. She said that even in an hour booking that is pretty much the limit for penetration sex (probably 20) too. Wasn't a problem for a half hour booking though. 15minutes of vaginal sex are enough. Rest were spent on blowjob, some kissing and handjob.
2. Sex was enjoyable enough but on a more critical note it was rather transactional and sorely lacking intimacy, sensuality or passion. You could feel you were just pumping a prostitute who was stoically awaiting you to blow your load. 
3. In the first booking she refused  to lift her leg during missionary reasoning that she had sustained some kind of minor injury. When I met her the second time she didn't have a problem lifting her legs.
4. In the 1st meeting (October 2015) OWO was charged extra £20 (which I didn't opt to pay) and also COB was off the menu. In the 2nd meeting (June 2016) both services (OWO and COB) were included in the fee.
5. No CIM or COF.
6. No pussy fingering.
7. No deepthroat.
8. No shower together. Another service that was promised for a future visit (when the hotel bathroom is better)
9. I very doubt that some of the more exotic services listed on her profile (such as anal) as on offer.

1. No Reverse Oral or 69. For what is worth the first time I met her I asked her whether she would allow protected reverse oral (with dental dam) and she said yes.
2. The first time only liplocking/lipkissing was offered (French kissing was extra £20 which I didn't opt to pay). The second time she offered some French kissing but it was light. Her "French kissing" is just liplocking plus some infrequent and rather reluctant tongue interaction.
3. The first meeting started with a 15 minute delay.

Q. Do I recommend her?  Given her service I do NOT recommend her for anything higher than £100 for one hour. If you are OK with the services available then I would recommend ONLY for a half hour punt at £60. Definitely NOT suitable for a longer booking either sex-wise or companionship-wise. And of course her current rate of £350 an hour is absolutely ridiculous. I would say though that if she were to up her game significantly and offered a really good GFE service with DFK, reverse oral, passionate sex and generally everything that constitutes an excellent punt then, given her looks, a fee of up to £170ph (her previous rate) could be justified. But for the arms'-length service she actually provides, £60 for half an hour is the maximum amount worth spending on her per punt.

Q. Would I meet her again (going back in time)? A. Yes. I saw her twice anyway and though the second time I wasn't expecting it would be her I was actively planning to book Almma again but she disappeared. So it was nice to see her again. I scratched that itch I had.

Q. Will I meet her again in the future? A. Definetely not for £350ph. But even if her rates revert back to those I paid I am not really sure. I did want to meet her after my first visit in October 2015 but now that I met her again I think I have had enough of her. But it is possible to book her again as a plan B or C, for 30mins if the price gets down to £60 again.

Attractiveness/Beauty: 8.8/10 (face score: 8.6/10; body score: 8.9/10) – ratings given based on this scale (version 2.0)
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 9.0/10
Willingness to please: 5.5/10
Participation, enthusiasm & expression of enjoy: 6.0/10
GFE illusion: 3.5/10
French kissing score: 3.5/10
Available services: 6.5/10
Quality of available services: 7.0/10
Hygiene Standard: 10/10
English level: 7.5/10
Location: 8.0/10
Premises: 7.5/10
Smoker status: Non Smoker (at least no indication for the opposite)
Tattoos: Few (discreet)
Pubic hair: Fully shaven
Quality/price ratio: OK for £60/30mins

positive=4.5 or 5 stars, mostly positive=3.5 or 4 stars, mixed=2 or 3 stars, negative=0 or 1 stars
neutral=something that either doesn't bother me personally generally or didn't bother me at the time although it would be preferable if it were available or avoided (depending on the subject). It might be decisive for others though that is why is mentioned.
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2 review(s) found for ava.rose.london linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)
9 review(s) found for gorgeous almma linked to in above post (0 positive, 4 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline Knny

I'm from the midlands and just stumbled on your review.  A*  very thorough indeed.  That would take me a week to write.  Thank you.

Offline Strikar

Yes great review  :thumbsup:

If her price dropped to old rates I would be tempted for 30 mins. Smoking hot lady in fairness but wouldn't book an hour without OWO or RO.

Offline tnw

I saw her last month in Canary Wharf (as Almma). Was gonna review but I thought it would be a bit redundant seeing as her profile(s) had gone (let me know if I should do one anyway). I'd seen Ava's profile but had written it off as another b+s with generic studio photos, however looking at her gallery I can definitely see the resemblance. I do wonder why she left the 'group' she was with, and I wonder what's going on with the current £350 hourly fee.

I imagine she's highly in demand especially at £100 per hour, if she gets similar business at more than 3x that price then good for her I suppose. I'd see her again, but the ever-changing profiles puts me off slightly.

Thanks for posting this review though, it's helped a lot! 

I have seen Ava Rose and I am pretty certain that the girl in the picture you posted within the review is not her.

I recall Ava having a number of beauty spots / moles on her back and side (as per the current AW profile) but the girl in the photos you posted does not. See the top right picture vs gallery photos.

The girl is the pictures is also of a smaller frame vs the Ava in the Aw profile.

Offline agcnospam

It's hard to keep track of these girls sometimes! I met Almma 2 or 3 times last year, what an absolute stunner she is, I had a good time with her but I was expecting the worst which probably made it a better experience.

This is a screenshot of her back I took while in doggy, which shows no moles or birthmarks, so the pics on the AW profile of the girl's back are deffo not of Almma. I think it is like the OP suggested, she is not a girl who you would forget easily, even though her reviews/service have been pretty varied and mainly negative on UKP - she is just damn good looking.

Offline TheOracle

I would also be happy if Almma was back in town (and if I could convince her to let me eat her pussy), as I found her to be a pretty nice girl (in addition to being absolutely impossibly hot). For what it's worth, this profile is currently using pictures that are of her (but I doubt it's her): https://www.adultwork.com/3452208

Offline Jason

Ok let me first re-iterate that the girl that I booked and I met through Ava's profile was without a shred of doubt Almma (who is the girl in the pictures I posted in the review above). She had exactly the same face, exactly the same body (including exactly the same boobs/boobjob as well as the moles/spots above her chest shown in the pics), exactly the same tattoos (and at exactly the same positions - I took special mental note of them during the punt in order to check against Almma's pictures), exactly the same height, exactly the same facial expressions, same nationality (Romanian), same age (born in 1992), same rare sexual limitations (no reverse oral), same personality, same voice, same living city (London) and same job (prostitute). Well if the girl I met the second time was not Almma then she's the living proof of the multiverse theory and she's Almma's doppelgänger from a parallel universe!

Anyway the dispute is whether the "real Ava" (the girl in the pictures of Ava's profile) is Almma or a different girl and it just happened when I booked in early June 2016, Almma to serve as a temporary substitute for the "real Ava". Which is of course a scenario that I myself speculated about in this warning here. And exactly because I had already speculated about the possibility the real Ava to be a different girl from the girl you would book at the time (a speculation due to the price, location and phone number difference) I questioned Almma quite a bit. And she knew everything associated with Ava's agency profiles as well as the exact location of Ava's place in Knightsbridge (which for the record is nearby a church) and she also told me she would go back there which is actually what ended up happening. Given also the striking similarity in the body shapes (I also recall some pictures of Almma from her profile that were very similar to those of Ava) I concluded on the basis of probability that Almma is indeed the "real Ava" despite finding the price fluctuation incredibly odd. But I may have been wrong on this conclusion after all. Or it may be a case of a shared account and Ava and Almma always worked together - they may be sisters and keep alternating due to their similarity. Also not long ago (1-2 months ago) Almma's original profile (which is now deleted) was being used by another girl who although she added her own face pictures in the gallery she kept a few faceless Almma's pictures in the mix.

In any case this review is not about a profile and whoever is using it. This review is about a certain individual girl, namely the girl in the pictures I posted in the review. This is the girl I met in June 2016 (by calling the number on Ava Rose's profile) and the girl who I also met before in October 2015 (by calling the number on Almma's original profile).

I have seen Ava Rose I am pretty certain that the girl in the picture you posted within the review is not her. I recall Ava having a number of beauty spots / moles on her back and side (as per the current AW profile) but the girl in the photos you posted does not. See the top right picture vs gallery photos.
ALL the gallery pictures on Ava's profile when I tried to book her back in March 2016 were the same as they are now. No pictures were added since then. Your reference to "current pictures" suggests that when you booked her you didn't see the gallery pictures you are quoting. Anyway if you have really seen Ava Rose, please consider writing a review also telling us a few details about it, namely when, where and how you met her (agencies/Adultwork?) as well as how much it cost you, what services were offered (did she allowed reverse oral?), how she looks facially, etc. You joined the forum over 6 months ago. Try to contribute something meaningful back for once in the form of a review.  :hi:
« Last Edit: June 12, 2016, 06:59:20 PM by Jason »

Offline Jason

Three new pictures (1, 2, 3) appeared on Ava’s profile today – showing her from the front side in the boobs region. The girl in these pictures (and probably the current owner of the profile) is not Almma. Price dropped by £50 by the way - now it’s £300 for 1hr. Anyway I am not going to waste any more time dealing with the shit of this profile https://www.adultwork.com/3334089

For what it's worth, this profile is currently using pictures that are of her (but I doubt it's her): https://www.adultwork.com/3452208
The frontpage pictures are most likely stolen from Almma but this picture here from the profile's gallery, which shows the girl's face, is NOT Almma anyway.

2 review(s) found for ava.rose.london linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

£350 for Alma?

When I saw gorgeous Alma a few months ago she was desperate for work.   I was paying £60 for 30mins and that included OWO ans CIM.   She is definitely a looker but her service and technique is average.   Even at £60 I never had the urge to see her often let alone £350 per hour.

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