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Author Topic: Sexy slut Irene - Dicked Around - Birmingham B23  (Read 1803 times)

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Offline Ming

Having seen Irene a few times and always came away with a smile I felt in the need of a dirty fuck this evening, so my lascivious thoughts immediately turned to her...... :angelgirl:

I have read of others getting dicked around by her confirming appointments and then not answering the phone, but as it has never happened to me, being a semi regular of hers I thought nothing more of it.

The young woman: www.adultwork.com/3088228 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+slut+Irene

Comms: Exemplary, Texted around 4pm to ask for availability at 7pm, quick response in the affirmative, another text to request clothing with a positive response from her. I made the point of highlighting I had seen her a few times before.

Got to the venue about 10 minutes early and text to ask her to let me know when convenient to come over as I already know the address. 20 minutes later I am still waiting for a reply, so another polite text asking if she would be available soon? I know girls overrun and I am a realist about such things. Another 10 mins go by and I decide to give it up as a bad game and leave, total waiting for a reply 40 mins.

While driving I receive a text and open it when I get home, she apologises as she had her "landlord in fixing the boiler". I have heard this nonsense lie before from other girls.

Firstly she forgets I know her address, if (and it's a big IF) the landlord was there fixing the boiler his car would be on the drive, unless he brought his tools in a rucksack, it was not!

Secondly if the landlord was there, knowing she had a reliable regular customer about to turn up why not text me to postpone or cancel, or if she forgot about that then why wait nearly an hour to reply to my messages?

The truth is simple, she had another client and, is so badly organised and careless of customer welfare that she simply took whoever turned up first. This is a shitty way to treat clients, let alone one who has been reliable and regular!

I am sorry to say that this girl is so badly organised and has such a careless attitude that she is simply too risky for me to chance another booking and I would warn others to be wary as well.

Will I return? - HELL NO  :diablo:

Ming  :hi:
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12 review(s) found for x Irina x linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline ash1980

sorry to hear, as  i saw her after your recommendations. Was thinking about seeing her tomo, but im not gonna bother..Thanks for the update.
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Offline getonit

'The landlord is here' must be at the top of the page for excuses in the prossie handbook. I had one do that, was the 3rd time I had arranged to meet her and agreed hours in advance and when I texted her that I had arrived I got a ' please wait 15 minutes'which turned into another 15 minutes after that so I texted her that I wasn't pleased that I was double booked the reply was that the landlord was there. I could see the front door from where I was and some minutes later a very young looking Asian kid came out and then the text arrived that she was ready , needless to say I didn't contact her any further. Ming you should have said plumbers fix boilers not landlords !

Sorry to hear that mate. 

One thing worse than being stood up by a toftt is going through with a shit punt, and the one thing even worse than that is being left high and dry with a heavy sack by a girl you know for certain would've hit the spot.

I'm not entirely surprised though as I've sent her a few late evening texts requesting an early meeting the next day and got absolutely sod all in response.

Offline dboy74

Sorry to hear she messed you about, Ming.

If she has form for this, I will be removing her from my HL.

Offline Ming

Ming you should have said plumbers fix boilers not landlords !

I simply couldn't be arsed to enter into any further correspondence with her, it was obvious what was happening.

If she had said she was double booked I would have respected the honesty and may have even hung about for my turn! It doesn't bother me that she may just be finishing cock no.10  :D so long the holes are clean and ready for being Minged  :cool:

She is very foolish, she once told me she was shockingly badly organised and was thinking of getting a pimp to take the bookings! I think she was joking (?) but she knows she could do better and just can't be arsed.

As I said in another thread, if she could get better accomodation and be better organised :cool: she would be minted!
But she is just too unreliable.

Dboy, yes, unfortunately she does have a rep for this, it has been mentioned on several other threads relating to her.

Shame, but there you go....... NEXT  :cool:

Ming  :hi:

Offline Charly

I m sure u ll get to her again :wacko: best oral ever it doesn t compare to any  :dash:
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