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Author Topic: SEXY LONELY BABE  (Read 2586 times)

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Offline xeron


Before I start, this visit was before she moved from Stratford and the price was still £70/hr

Location was 10 mins walk from stratford in a large flat with a good shower and a big bedroom with a decent bed

She is the girl in the photos, a little large but not BBW, she's cute rather than stunningly beautiful, in any case I found her attractive. As per the pictures she does have fairly small breasts.

She has a very warm and pleasant demeanor, constantly asking if I wanted this or that and if things were ok to the point where I basically said its all fine and just relax.

Her kissing is of the closed mouth variety, which is disappointing but I dealt with it. She does play the vanilla GFE role well though, and took my magic wand like a champ, which always plays well with me, her cumming several times, if you like to involve toys I don't think you'll have an issue with her

OWO is decent, nothing mind-blowing. Sex she does get into, not as frantic as say, Alicia, but she does respond and thrust back, showing engagement and enjoyment during the act. Came in the condom after some time of this. Afterwards she gave me a massage, which wasn't especially therapeutic but with the kissing on the ears and rubbing her body on mine was pretty relaxing and enjoyable nonetheless. After this went for a second round in mish with the magic wand in tow, and it was good going seeing her cum again while I was fucking her.

After that there was some kissing and cuddling and eventually she suggested another shower which I took

After leaving I looked at the time and I had been there well over an hour, so no clock-watching going on there

At the old price I would definitely have recommended as she was friendly and seemed to enjoy what she was doing as well as at least acting concerned that I was enjoying myself too, enough that I went back mere days later for a second go which pretty much went as above. Just bear in mind this is a very vanilla punt. I'm debating whether to go again at the new location and price

3 review(s) found for SEXY LONELY BABE linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline MP778

thanks a lot for the review.  what's the new location and price?  profile still says stratford and £70...?

Offline xeron

Oh - looks like she moved back. She was at Waterloo, then around Canary Wharf for a little while at £80 for the hour but I guess she's moved back to Stratford again.

For anyone who wants to see her, she'll only be around for today and tomorrow at Stratford before she goes away for a while....

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