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Author Topic: Laila khan  (Read 845 times)

Hello has anyone seen Laila khan? A pakistani lady...she was stunning. She seems to have been ghosting. If anyone has any news of her please comment below. Her profile is below...


Offline dembo200

no.but i've seen seema from that site.was very good.

@dembo what services was seema offering for £200?

Offline dembo200

forgive me was about a year ago.i think did owo,not sure on anal.did dfk.just remember she was really fit.i think i never went back cause she talked alot,not my thing talking haha.

@Dembo200 Yeah not gonna lie she is very fit, might see her soon. Did she do owo in the £200? How was her service if u dont mind me asking apart from the talking ahah

Offline dembo200

service was good.like i said was a year ago so cant be sure.but think she did owo.

I saw Seema about 2 years ago and she didnt offer OWO might want to confirm first

@nightwalker  Yeah i'll confirm with her before booking, shes a dream girl, im sure she provides an excellent service

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