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Author Topic: Barcelona Newbie  (Read 1519 times)

Offline cTHEb

Hi, all.

Absolute newbie here and all round punting virgin. Have been lurking on the forums for a while now and like to think I've picked up a thing or two along the way.

I am going to Barcelona in a week to visit friends and while I am away from home I thought this a good opportunity for my first go.

I'm not particularly worried as I think I know a lot of the things to watch out for (thanks to here). Anyway, for some reason the idea of hiring an escort from an agency or brothel just doesn't appeal to me. It's not the situation or the process - I think I'll just get more of a kick out of visiting an indie, which is also something that I'll be doing once I return to London.

I have read over the last few topics regarding Barcelona and although CityTillIDie's thread - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=94334.0;all - was very informative, using Pasion.com isn't ideal what with the language barrier. I also notice that none of the profiles seem to list rates. Pretty much the polar opposite of what we would expect from AW.

Also, none of the agencies that came up in the thread seem to match any of the prices listed by CtiD. In fact most of them don't even list them on their websites at all (which would be a red flag here if I'm not mistaken).

In short, does anyone know of any good indies in Barca? I like them slim and toned. Height is beneficial but not important. Anal is a must as I am keen to tick this off of my bucket list. I'd like to have more than one punt while away so must limit my budget to circa 100eur a go.

Thanks in advance.

Offline bob1

I used pasion last year, trying to wade through the fake shit that's on there to find a nice lady whilst I'm in Spain now.
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Pasión is fine. I've been here for the past week and have had some of my best ever punts.
But yes, I guess if you do not have any Spanish that would hinder.
Not sure why you felt my other information was inaccurate as I'm using it all the time!

Look on AW under Barcelona there is a Danish girl calling herself Naja. I met her in November. She is a cracker. Sexy. Pretty. Excellent English. Another one on there is Fosca Bellpuig.

Also look at a site called www.girlsbcn.co.uk

Some absolute stunners on there. I visit Barcelona four or five times yearly and always see one of those. You can see which languages they all speak and filter by class.


Sorry... last line should have read 'filter by cost'

Offline cTHEb

Pasión is fine. I've been here for the past week and have had some of my best ever punts.
But yes, I guess if you do not have any Spanish that would hinder.
Not sure why you felt my other information was inaccurate as I'm using it all the time!

I certainly didn't think this and my apologies if it came across that way in my post.

Thanks for the info!

I think BCNGirls is your best bet.
It's in various languages. You can filter the price parameters but you'll pay at least €150 an hour

Given how gorgeous the girls are I think £115 ph is an absolute bargain. They also perform far more services than UK girls, anal play and anal are fairly standard along with passionate kissing and all kinds of other treats.

I booked a girl yesterday for an hour and ended up staying 6 hours! I've never experienced anything like it in my entire life. She only charged for 4 hours and cried when we parted!! A far cry from the UK.

The girls have flags next to them denoting which languages they speak. The pictures are fairly real. When you meet one of the girls you'll see what I mean! Most have apartments in the Gracia area just north of Plaza Catalunya.

I'm afraid I'm at the airport writing this, heading back to the grim UK! I find it harder and harder to leave with each visit.

Restaurant tip: try OchoBCN on Carrer de Tamarit. My favourite after 17 or 18 visits to this great city!!!


Online GoodIdea

Some interesting translations on there.

grandes ojos verdes y una boca carnosa
translates to
great green eyes and a beefy mouth


Some interesting translations on there.

grandes ojos verdes y una boca carnosa
translates to
great green eyes and a beefy mouth


Well... Big green eyes and fleshy mouth lol

Some of the street girls in the Rambla look stunning. Unfortunately the romanian one I selected had a wonderful attitude until she had the cash - then anything was too much bother and she turned into a sack of spuds...

Offline Lijunwei

also looking for a few punts whiles in barca..any more info minus the links above.you can also pm me is you feel the need..


I am also off to barcelona next week, any tip would be great. Is there any good parlours etc?

Offline thebiker

I've had the same around La Ramble ,good looker sack of spuds once the € was handed over :dash: :yahoo:

Offline cTHEb

After a quick scan it seems that all the foreign reviews are usualy "club-based" rather than for individual girls. Anyway, rather than create a new thread I figured I'd just add it here.


My first ever punt so I guess some of you will take what I am saying with a pinch of salt. In Barcelona to visit friends and decided this would be the best place to start.


Naja Darling - https://www.adultwork.com/2656627 or https://www.adultwork.com/Naja%2EDarling. After doing an AW search I recognised her name from a thread made by CityTillIDie regarding his regular Barcelona trips.

Comms were done via email over a 2 day period while I messed around with my schedule. Outcall only so had to book one of Barca's many love hotels. She provided number to text once I was close. We met outside and entered together. We discussed services (via mail) and agreed to 1hr + DT + CIM + CIF + anal. 200euro in total. Anal was 30euro extra. In hindsight I should have again confirmed services once inside the room but turns out it wasn't needed.

Naja is bigger than girls I would go for on civvy street but she carries it well and I honestly can't complain. Her pictures are accurate. Her breasts were natural but smaller than expected. She is Danish and her English/Spainish are both excellent.

I told her via mail that this would be my first time with an escort, which I think could have been a massive mistake with another girl. Not so in this case. I was made to feel very relaxed immediately.


I had an amazing time. As I mentioned previously I think a more unscrupulous WG may have taken advantage and tried to provided less-than-agreed services in the hope I wouldn't say anything. Naja was the opposite of this and she regularly lead the way.

Quick shower and onto the bed. Fantastic deepthroat with no teeth, loads of saliva and eye contact. I shave my balls and ass regularly and she was happy to bury her face down there. I didn't realise eye contact would be such a big thing for me so that was great. RO/69 is a must for me. The sound of a woman getting off is my biggest turn on and she is very receptive. Finished with CIF/CIM combo with her lying on bed and she was in no rush to clean herself up. Great feeling just staring down at her covered in cum while we catch our breath. Good start.

Glass of water and onto round two.

Oral is pretty much the only thing that can get me going for round 2 so off we went. Again same as before. On with condom and she asks "So now do you want to fuck me in the ass?" "Fuck, this is going well", I thought. This girl loves sex. Gets naturally wet and deserves an oscar if her orgasms weren't authentic. She orgasms so violently that I fall out of her at least twice as cannot keep her still! Eventually get her to lie prone for maximum depth and continue to do so her until my hips can't handle it any longer. Fingering is liked and encouraged although it was not a requested service. I should also add that DFK was through out and was not held back at all.

Even though she is not a clock-watcher for some reason I am; and although I was having an amazing time it was taking away my focus and the little fella struggled as a result. Off with condom and more deepthroat until my English guilt forces me to give up. She asked me if there was anything "special she could do" to get me to pop the second time which I thought was a nice touch and was genuine.

I have to say I think I have been extremely lucky in my first punt as there were many pitfalls that I COULD have fallen into. This review may come across as fluffy but I received everything we had discussed, the service was delivered with tonnes of enthusiasm and the best part was I paid for it all using an impromptu bonus my boss had given me the day before I flew out. Had a 5-10 min chat afterward while waiting for hotel steward to come and collect us. Turns out we work in the same industry (she is a chef) and have travelled to the same countries.

- Great GFE experience who is able to spice it up and add elements of PSE.
- Happy to lead and provide agreed services without having to be pushed but I also think she could be quite submissive in the company of a more seasoned punter.
- Enthusiastic and enjoys the work.
- No clock watching. I probably spent 75-80 mins with her instead of 60.
-Outcall only

Would I see her again? MAYBE. The reason for just a maybe is this was my first punt and there's more out there that I'd like to try. However, if I were ever to have a string of shit punts I know that she would be who I'd come back to to restore my faith in the hobby.


*Edited because I realised the reason I gave why I was in Barca wasn't true, but was the reason I told her*
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She is utterly delightful and totally genuine. I would recommend that anyone looking for raunchy passionate sex see her. Her English is really good.

I saw her in November for a couple of hours. Incredible!


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