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Author Topic: czechxxsashaxx - Heathrow Positive bordering Neutral  (Read 449 times)

13 review(s) for CZECHXXSASHA (8 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline naz

https://www.adultwork.com/3549058 or https://www.adultwork.com/CZECHXXSASHA

price paid £100 all inclusive OWO, French Kissing.

Shasha was Plan B after plan A had blown me out and left me stranded in Heathrow after appointment was agreed and booked.  Plan A was an Indian MILF Selena who I had contacted some time ago and was only doing Outcalls at the time.  Selena’s profile has disappeared now so can’t even write a negative review. So I txt Shasa who replied back straight away and agreed a time of 6.30.  Had read good reviews of Shasha so was expecting a good time and had planned to visit her when she got from Czech anyway.

Had to kill an hour or so I headed to a local pub I knew for a quick drink, and made sure I came back to the hotel which she normally works from with good time as I knew parking would be difficult. Txted Shasha to say I had arrived  a bit early and parked up in the hotel car park. I got reply saying it will be a bit later 6.45 was that ok? I said fine. Got a txt a 6.45 say head up to the 3rd floor with no room number, so I headed off to the third floor very slowly expecting a room number to follow. Walked around the aisles for a bit them decides to call her, ring no answer. Then got a txt back say waiting for client to leave. So I said I’m going back down to the reception as walking around on third floor seemed more suspicious than at a busy reception. Got another txt around 7pm with room number and headed straight up. Comms was good but it looks like she had over run with previous booking.

Door opens and wow she was not bad looking, she had lipstick on.  She didn’t ask me If I liked a shower which I thought was strange, I knew I had one before so no issue.  Confirmed OWO and  kissing sorted out the paperwork. Sat on the bed and tried to start conversation to break the ice, always like to joke and laugh as I find it helps. However she was hard work, so I started moving forward for a kiss, which she did. Off with my clothes, she laid down on the bed while I sucked her nipples. Got her a bit roused and things started to flow a bit more. Off with her lingerie and while sucking her nipples, fingered her. Then gave her Oral while fingering her with two fingers. She said one finger not two maybe she was a bit sore. I made her cum after a long Oral.

So now it was her turn I laid on bed while she played with me with her hands, fingers and tongue but not quiet going for the full blow job. I must admit it felt quite good but on occasions it hurt which I told her. Her OWO wasn’t deep she carried on for a while and thought to myself is she trying to make me cum with a hand job and a bit of tongue? I didn’t want that so I said sex please.
Sex in missionary then doggy, she was tight. She said she loves doggy. I think she was enjoying it, French kissing in missionary which was good, I think I might have broken the ice.  Sex was good I lasted longer then I normally do pounding her in doggy.
Was offered a drink of water before round 2,  started off with her funny hand and tongue OWO. While it was definitely unique first time it wasn’t going to work second time round. So I said to her to such my balls while I got me hard with my hand. Now isn’t this what I was paying her for? I said to her I will give her a bonus if she makes me cum twice, as I’m normally a cum once man, in saying that the very good WG’s like Amera have no problems.   It wasn’t going to happen then her phone went off, thought it was a call but in fact it was the timer she had set. Clock watching.

So while the overall experience was good/neutral, she was hard work, OWO wasn’t great as I’ve had better. Wanted to feel the full depth of her mouth or feel OWO had been performed, she has a set idea what a man likes, hence bordering  on neutral for me.  She is a pretty 20 year old quite willing but passive and not leading so did not feel like a GFE.
This is my experience it may differ for others.

Will I see her again probably not as there are many more fish out there and Heathrow is a bit out of the way too.

13 review(s) found for CZECHXXSASHA linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

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