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Author Topic: emma - new town sauna edinburgh  (Read 1587 times)

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Offline bigmike32

Was in edunburgh today and decided to go into the saunas again i rang up lss and bss and and wasnt impressed only 4 girls on today in bss and 2 i had seen before heidi and crystal. And only one scottish girl working at lss in samantha who i had seen before so i plumped for the new town. Didnt phone up i just went in. Kenny on the door told me there was 5 girls on they were shia lexi dionne emma and karina. Got changed into a towel and then went to the lounge and was only 2 girls sitting there in emma and karina. Karina did not say a word and looked so bored but she was stunning but would say she is romanian and emma said she was from france. Definately accurate you can tell with her accent and when talking to her you knew she is french. She is very good looking red hair it was straight nice slim body and lovely eyes. I decided to wait a bit to see if any of the girls would return then they did first of all dionne who was scottish but was quiet and i didnt find her too attractive. Then lexi came back with her boobs hanging out and i decided to pick her but a guy came in and beat me to it. Then shia came and remembered me but i wanted a new experience and picked emma.

Went to the room which was small but did the job had a quick shower then waited on emma returning then she did. She took her black gown off and i then lay on the bed and she took off her matching floral underwear and revealed her amazing body. She has a slim body smart pert tits and her pussy is pierced with a few studs. Straight into oral without and her blowjob technique was slow and sensual with some eye contact. Not too deep but skillful non the less. Sexy eye contact made it a better blowjob. She blew me for a wee while then drooled on my cock and kept up her technique then switched her attention to my balls with a few handstrokes too. Didnt want to cum to early so asked if i could give her some reverse oral and she agreed. So down to lick out her pussy and it was clean and fresh and tasted good even the studs on her pussy didnt put me off. Kept licking her out for a wee while and she was really into it. A few gentle groans and no ott moaning and oh baby from emma. A bit of fingering thrown in and kept up the oral for a bit longer then stopped as i got her quite close.

Then it was on with the condom and she asked which positon first and i said her on top so she climbed on top and began to ride me slow and sensually her pussy felt good. It wasnt the tightest but she felt really good and clearly likes to ride on top. So she continued riding on top getting faster and i took it in turns going faster then slower and moving her around feel my cock go deeper in her. I was lovong it and i didnt feel close to cumming so she asked if she wanted to change positions and i said yes so i went on top of her and fucked her in mish. Started off slow then really fast then slower and then before i got close i stopped and initiated some dfk which was sensual and then hotted up. She is a good kisser. Then continued fucking her watching her face she was clearly loving it and then sped up as much as i could and filled the bag. A quick chat asked her age and she asked mine. She said she is 28 and i would say she could pass for 24 or 25 easily she is a very good looking girl and a lovely woman too.

Forgot to mention it was a half hour booking so £20 on the door and £50 to the girl.
Looks 8/10 slim gorgeous face and red hair
body 9/10 slim body a couple of birth marks on lower stomach and small pert little titties.
Services 10 /10 could not fault her attitude and services. Everything delivered and was a very sensual gfe experience.
would i see her again. Definately yes.
Next time i am in new town i want to punt with lexi her boobs looked amazing and if she isnt available then shia again.

She might have upped her game, but when I was with her a while back she was servizio minimo, no touching, an average punt at best. As for her nationality, her general knowledge of france is poor, hasn't even heard of certain towns, doesn't bother me, but she isn't French, she lives in france and speaks French, end of. In her favour she is cute looking.

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