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Author Topic: Bailey or Jayde  (Read 1193 times)

Offline Micky5633

Anyone seen any of the 2 new touring girls here for 4 days only and doing duos?

Reckon I'm gonna try see Bailey tomorrow...


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Offline ickydicky

looks good. in fact looks fantastic. if you see her wednesday then put up a review asap and if she is good she could be a great punt for me on friday. i looking for afternoon ride on friday before a nite on the bevvy and she looks good, the location is great for me and the p£100 for an hour suits me to.
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Offline Micky5633

No worries icky will let you know asap. I think the hour seems reasonable as well but I have only been with a girl once for an hour, curvy savannah my 2nd punt and couldn't pop twice. Maybe with a younger more attractive girl I could manage it.

Offline Micky5633

Seeing bailey tomorrow around dinner time mate so will try get a review up tomorrow evening

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