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Author Topic: Southern China  (Read 1631 times)

Offline Steely Dan


Thanks to MH for the guidance before I went. 

I was travelling for some time in the Guangzhou area on business.  The trouble was, I was hosted nearly all the time and was staying in several locations so could not plan well in advance.

One night after a formal dinner, the Chinese host was driving back to the hotel and suggested we stop for a massage.  His chosen place was a 5 star looking place - like a posh hotel. 420 RMB for 90 min (£50 ish). Like most of my time in China, I have no idea where the fuck I was exactly. My host helped me with the customs. Changing rooms with private lockers and a man to help me strip.  Hung my clothes, folded my pants. Then a careful shower.  Then 10 min in steam room.  Then the  man helps put on pyjamas. Then relax for 15 in in a comfy lounge with tea. Then wander upstairs  to posh massage rooms, each with its own bathroom with western toilets.  I'm thinking this is like getting a massage in a Sheraton - at least I will get the aches out of my back. The massage girl was nice looking and wearing a sailor suit with a very short skirt - pretty blatantly sexy outfit.  Hmmm. No English.

After a great 45 min massage, she sticks a paper napkin to the window in the door.  Turns me over, strips me off, takes off her top.  Nice tits. Blows in my ear, sucks my nipples, I can touch her tits but not kiss them (or her).  She gets me hard, nice oily hand job, big mess which she cleans up.  Leaves the room for a minute.  Then back inside and 30 min more massage.  More a happy middle than a happy ending.  Meet up with my host, have another shower, back to lounge for more tea. So we are in the place for more than 2 hours. Liked it.

I repeated later in the week (on my own) in another 4 star looking place behind my hotel in a different town.  This was 360 RMB.  Same routine - I even had Chinese tea on my own. Loos down the hall and only Chinese toilets. This girl was a bit older (35?) and stronger so the massage was great.  Happy middle the same, but she kept her shirt on.  Still, I played with her big tits. Slippery hand job felt great - I made her work for it. Then 30-40 min more massage as before. There was no discussion of tip.   I conclude the whole point of these places is this service, and since tipping is not a big thing in China, a tip is not required for the HE.  I am sure she wouldn't turn it down but it seemed like tipping a prossie - no need.

Offline Steely Dan

So another night, after a late dinner, once again we end up as a male only group.  We go to the KTV in the Marriott hotel in Shunde (hour south of Guangzhou).  Ok I knew KTV stands for Karaoke Television.  But what I didn't realise is that one went as a group of only men.  And at least this one seems to be for groups only.  As we enter, we pass through an 'honour guard' of a dozen or so very hot girls under 25 looking like the girls from a Virgin airline advert. We get to our private room with our own bar and barmaid.  Then some girls file into our room and we are told to select one each.  I get to choose one of the ones who speak English (which they don't really). But all are very good looking. So now we all have a girl with us.  The group of now 8 of us take turns  singing songs in Chinese or English, playing the dice game (Chinese liar's dice with ones wild - google it), and thus drinking a lot.  The girls just hold hands, and hug a bit.  I communicated versus Wechat and Google translate.  She flirted like mad and exchanged Wechat ID with me.  (Get Wechat in your punting name before you go). Told me I was a great singer and a handsome man. We got drunk together & had a laugh.  She said she would meet me in 2 nights in my hotel.  I didn't believe her - too much like grooming a sugar baby.  I do believe that sometimes guys get KTV girls to go back to their hotel for sex, but I did not believe that this girl would.

So basically with the KTV girls, the Chinese have reinvented the Japanese Geisha. A bit flirty, good company.  Like talking to the girls in Spearmint Rhino without the lap dance after. Some may lead to sex but mine didn't.  Still, my business contacts probably have my picture with the girl looking like I will score later, so not a wasted evening (for them).  Plus I got to sing Josie and FM to the almost right music. (They didn't have 'Rikki don't lose that number').  And I was so crap at the dice game that I was as drunk as a drunk thing.  As was my 'date'.  At least they really drink with you.

(get Google translate app on your phone before you go too since Google is blocked there).

Later, I did get backpage to work from one of my hotels - some sort of VPN as it seemed blocked in most locations.  But I could not find a girl near that location.  So I struck out on an actual punt.

So 2 HE's is the limit of my Chinese experience.  This weak result is nothing to do with the excellent advice from MH, just what happened to me. Mostly due to lack of time and lack of clear understanding of where I would be prior to arriving. Hope this helps one of you in the future.

Thanks for the posts!

I go to China quite a bit but unfortunately with my wife for our business.

However the first time I went to China was in the late 80s when I was in my early 20s with my cousin. Though we never went to a KTV bar we was aware of what was going on, but didn't go as we had heard some horror stories of getting stung on drinks, drinks getting spiked, etc.

We did frequent the nightclubs in the various hotels we stayed at, assuming these were just places to drink, dance, meet civvies etc like in England. We entered our first club, was promptly seated at a table and basically had waiter service. Not many people there apart from a lot of girls scattered around, but we were the only guys there and as we didn't speak Mandarin we didn't interact with the girls.

A bunch of middle aged Chnese guys bound in, and most of the girls went over to them! So we asked our waiter what was going on, and in his best English he asked us "Would you like some girls"! Having established the price - can't remember how much but remember this was pre-1990 China so it would not have cost much - we agreed to have girls sent over. None of them spoke English but we managed to communicate via hand signals and drawings! My cousin changed his girl frequently but I was sweet on the same girl. As the club closed me and my cousin were up for extending the night with the girls in our rooms but they were picked up by what appeared to either be their pimps or boyfriends. Ah well.

But it was a memorable night, not least as this was before I discovered the world of punting back home and when I see my cousin we still have a laugh about that night!

Offline David1970

Been to sauna frequented by army officers in Guangdong. Cost 600 all in.
Had sauna, then taken to cabin for massage with young woman, proper hard massage, then she put towel over the small window. Then she stripped of and bent down and had a pee in a bucket. Started on me with a hand job, oral then rode me cowgirl on the massage table.
When I came she left and was shown to a lounge with my towel on, buffet on offer, girls to cut your nails, clean your ears. I lay on a couch watching football. The main hostess was early forties, fuck she was really hot, a hot Chinese MILF. Ask the girl cutting my nails how she was, she was the bosses woman.
Been to a few saunas in Hong Kong, did not like them. The madam ask you what type of girl you like if you say big tits, she shows you a fatty, an old dear and an ok one, it is impolite to refuse 3, so you get the OK one. It's a quick massage and fuck, these places are run by Triads.
Walk-up are better in Hong Kong, saunas are better in China, but best fuck I had in China was a girl working for the hotel.

Online mh

Hey SD, glad I could help provide some preparatory info. Sounds to me like you did not do too badly for a first time! I had one veggie massage on my first visit, I think. Then a street punt on my second. It was only on my third visit that by chance my hotel had a massage place next door and I visited 6 times in 10 days - 'nuff said...

These days I take more and more opportunities when there, though the policing is changing all the time and massage places and bars close down frequently. I've now done street pickups & bar pickups to my hotel, massage places that had just HE, HE with full roaming hands access to the girl and BJ/baths/full service with some cuties and, to be fair, some monsters too.

I've only been to a KTV in a mixed gender group of colleagues - very above board indeed, just drinking and singing. Good fun though, especially when the words on the screen are complete baloney. Colleagues out there have warned me about some KTVs that are just a money-milking machine. Astronomical bills at the end of the night when the whole group is rat-arsed! But I've also read of some where you know what you're going to pay and you know what you're going to get for it all the way to overnights in your room.

Hope you get a chance to revisit and expand your repertoire!

Offline amosny

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Offline maxxblue

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Offline londonbus

Good posts, and reminds me of my time in southern China a few years ago now in a small town (by Chinese standards) well off any tourist/business route.

KTV was a combined karaoke and massage "entertainment" complex. I somehow ended up singing with a bunch of hot girls, none of us spoke the others language, but still a good time was had by all.

Around the reception area must have been 20 Han Chinese girls, all wearing revealing outfits. It was pretty obviously what was on offer there.

About 45 mins south of Gaungzhou you will find the town of Changping. About 5 years ago this the whole town was  one big upmarket brothel with a mixture of large hotels with KTV bars containing hundreds of girls right through to back street 'barber shops' that had a handful of chicks. The authorities came down very hard on the whole scene a few years back so not sure what is available now

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