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Author Topic: When to hand over cash to the escort?  (Read 1428 times)

Apart from my curious first, since then its been either when confirming or they have just hopped to and dealt with it later.

The only issue I could see is if you have agreed to one service and they try and change the terms with "upgrades" after you have handed over the first wad you might spend more than you anticipate thanks to your brain being deprived.

Besides if you get it done first, you can get into the flow, do it later and you are finished anyway but in the middle you break the flow.

Offline fed24

Sounds bullshit to me.

Why thankyou, nevertheless it happened.

It was such an unusual punt it was worth sharing considering the subject.

In all my years of punting it was a one off, if you chose to disbelieve it is no real fuss to me.

Offline Roth

At the beginning of the punt before asking for a shower usually.

Albeit this does set off a memory of rather nice punt I had must be over ten years ago when I was a mid to late twenties more athletic man. I booked this new girl for an hour in Hove, EE around the age of Twenty and offered all services. According to the madame she was new to Escorting and I was her first punt (considering what happened that might well be true.

The Madame ushered me into the flat took me to a bright bedroom and then the girl was sent in, she was utterly gorgeous with that nice student look about her. She looked much like the porn star Gina Gerson http://www.xnxx.com/pornstar/gina-gerson

Well she sized me up smiled and before I could say anything she came up to me and started to passionately tongues and all start to DFK me. Then she nelt down pulled open my flies and started to give me a lovely wet OWO for about a minute. She then stood up gave me another kiss and asked for the money and if I would like to freshen up. I hadn't said a word up to that point!

Well once I had paid, showered and returned she took me onto the bed for another OWO blowjob, fuck in all positions with kissing followed by another blowjob finishing with CIM and swallow!

WOW! I am getting hard now just thinking about it!

I saw her again a couple months later at a different parlour, whilst the same services were on offer it was payment upfront as is normal. I guess the other working girls explained the details of the order of such things! She was also a bit more jaded, I presume she has long returned to her motherland but what a punt!

Sounds bullshit to me.

Not really.  If you book Sexy Angelina of Bristol fame, she's got her tongue down your throat as soon as she drags you through the front door before stripping you off and before you've paid.  :rose: :rose:

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