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Author Topic: Riley Lee & Lucie Bee Duo - Mansfield Incall  (Read 1524 times)

51 review(s) for LucieBee (50 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
30 review(s) for Riley-Lee (30 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]



I know there have been loads of reviews recently but felt like sharing my experience.

Had been hoping to have a duo with these lovely ladies ever since i saw Riley for the first time. I did have one booked but it was on the friday where they were both unfortunately ill. Lucie has been unavailable for the last week so i asked Riley if she could arrange for today (Monday morning). Luckily the answer came back yes and i couldn't wait for monday to come round.

My typical punts tend to be spur of the moment and hardly ever pre planned unless i'm going to a party. I tried my hardest not to think to much about what might happen as the only other duo i've ever had was utter crap and i knew this would be alot better based on the reviews i have read, but didn't want to over think it.

Finally monday arrived and unfortunately Riley had managed to lose her phone so coms on the day had to be done through AW  :wacko:. i managed to get one of the spaces just round the corner from their place where you can park all day, popped round the corner for the cash and then waited. Bang on 9.30 (which is when i booked) got the ready message.

I'm not one for a girl to get too dressed up, usually within a few minutes i like them to be naked anyway. Riley opened the door and all she had on was a fish net dress a pair of heels and her beautiful smile. I must admit that i was instantly hard. Nice deep kiss at the door and lucie introduces herself as if i had known her ages, nice deep kiss and an equally beautiful smile. She had on a nice bra and matching suspender belt with black tights and no knickers. Some very nice DFK followed with both by which time my dick was doing its best to burst my trousers open. I didn't need a shower as i had come straight from home so my clothes were discarded rapidly.

Still in the little living room i stood with lucie on her knees giving an excellent blowjob while i started more DFK with Riley along with me me fingering her and getting all the right noises back. They then suggested carrying on in the bedroom so leading me by the dick to the bedroom all clothes were then quickly discarded and the two of them lay on the bed having a nice kiss and fondle of each other  :wacko: :wacko: at several times during this booking i thought i would blow my load just looking at them. it was then up to me who to lick first. Giving a girl oral and getting her cumming is a big turn on for me so i thought as Lucie had been off for over a week i would unleash my tongue on her first. Within minutes i had her having a nice screaming orgasm. Then it was Rileys turn along with Lucie giving her nipples a good suck and some lovely DFK between them.

After getting them in the mood they turned there attention on me and i lay back and had a lovely double blow job with some nice kissing and fondling too. After that we just seemed to relax and started having a chat with me lying in between them, i must admit that was one of my favourite moments just being able to chat but be butt naked and having a nice fondle of their boobs at the same time. I think after that Riley wanted another orgasm as while Lucie started sucking again i had Riley sitting on my face and what a sight it is  :wacko: :wacko:

One thing i have always wanted to do is have a girl doggy while she licks out another girl. Question was who first  :D Lucie decided she wanted my cock in her first so on went the hat and i pounded away at her til she came again and to give her credit she kept her face buried in Rileys pussy getting her going too. With a quick swap around i was soon hammering away at Riley and unfortunately she got rather caught up in the moment of me pounding her that she couldnt really focus on licking Lucies pussy so Lucie entertained herself for a moment while Riley came again.

Like i said before in the post i love giving oral and these two girls love receiving it. It was Lucie's turn again and i started licking away, gently at first as she was getting a little sensitive by now. At the same time Riley decided to get a nice dildo and started using it right next to us which got Lucie going even more. Luckily Riley had herself positioned perfectly so i could use the dildo on her, she could finger her cilt and i could lick lucie. What follow was a perfectly synconsied double orgasm with Lucie screaming louder than i have ever known a girl to during sex and the beauty of them cumming in perfect harmony.

Lucie needed a moment after that to recover, well several moments really, so she lay down next to me while Riley climbed aboard and i had the pleasure of Riley's tits dangling in my face while i gave her a good poundng with her having a good bounce now and then. By now lucie had recovered and she climbed aboard starting slowly at first then she rode me good. At the same time as this Riley climbed on my face so she could have a nice kiss with Lucie while i licked her out, well i'm guessing that, couldn't really see too much with a pussy on my ace  :D after Riley had come again she lay down next to me while i carried on with lucie in cowgirl. Lucie did try and give Riley a fingering but kind of got lost in an orgasm and even though she is all women claimed she couldn't multi task while getting close to orgasm.

Another fantasy of mine is seeing two girls using a double dildo. The girls did not disappoint and i think they enjoyed it even more than i did.

A bit more oral followed then unfortunately time was up. I finshed with them on all fours on the bed waiting for me to cum into Lucie's mouth so they could do a nice snowball. When i cum there tends to be a lot. Riley knew this but didn't warn Lucie, her mouth was rather full and cum ended up all over there faces after they had had a nice kiss.

A shower was offered which i very much needed and as there wasn't an appointment anytime soon after so i was not rushed out the door either. Afterwards the three of us had a nice chat and i didn't get back to my car til just before 11. So nice not to be rushed out after a booking, but these girls are so relaxed, nice and they really do love doing this job that it was such a lovely atmosphere from start to finish.

If i had the money i would have a duo at least once a week with these ladies. All i can do know is wait for next Thursday to come soon as i am booked into their next party  :D :D :D :D :D

30 review(s) found for Riley-Lee linked to in above post (30 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
51 review(s) found for LucieBee linked to in above post (50 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline GolfNut

Jammy Bastard. I hate you!

Nice review, thanks.
Banning reason: Undesirable

Hey GolfNut. Your name came up in the conversation after when we got chatting about MFFF and Lucie recalled the time you and her went to Leicester. She had a nice smile on her face  ;) ;) Got me tempted to book one sometime  ;) ;)

Offline GolfNut

Hey GolfNut. Your name came up in the conversation after when we got chatting about MFFF and Lucie recalled the time you and her went to Leicester. She had a nice smile on her face  ;) ;) Got me tempted to book one sometime  ;) ;)

Yeah that was fun. Still hate you though!  :P
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline GolfNut

Why the hate GolfNut?

Only joking matey. Lucie after a week off must have been horny as hell.
Banning reason: Undesirable

She was just a bit. Did my darndest to release it though  :D :D As far as i know she is taking bookings this week. Today was supposed to have been an admin day to get things up to date after being off. Sounded like she had a fair few messages to get through.

Offline pictisunum

Great review and the more the better as it demonstrates consistency.  I don't hate you for this experience, but I do hate you for making my HL less and less manageable.

I just wish i had discovered this pair sooner. With my job i spend a lot of time in the EM aswell as the WM. Always tended to go for girls around Nottingham or Derby. Had Riley and Lucie on HL for a bit but never done anything about it til about a month ago.

That review reminded my dick of my visit a few weeks ago.....


Offline PD101

Good review Matt, I've seen them at a party with Kylie, but not as a duo. Too many hotties on my ever growing HL...!

Great review Matt - I've only had them both together the once, but it was fucking awesome as I recall through the haze of poppers and Stella

Offline scott1601

Good review Matt,

How long did you book? I've seen both girls on their own and the duo is on my list when payday arrives  :rolleyes:

I had booked for an hour at 220 which when you look around how much some ask for duo's i think is an excellent price. All told with the chatting at the end i was there for almost and hour and a half.
They love sex. That is all there is to it. Whether it be solo, duo, trio a party, they throw their heart and soul into it to give an awesome time and an unforgettable experience  :D :D :D :D

Offline scott1601

Thanks Matt,

I was thinking an hour and your comments confirm it.

I've seen both Lucie & Riley individually so know how good they are  :rolleyes:

Nice one Matt.
I gotta work harder on my HL, now Lucie on her own or do i do a Matt, fook it i book a duo on pay day  :wacko:

You've also got to consider the parties she does too. Either the regular one with Lucie, Riley and tattooed bombshell or she has a special event for July  :D

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