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Author Topic: Cheapest  (Read 1860 times)

What's the cheapest yet equally worthwhile punt you've ever had?

Offline smiths

What's the cheapest yet equally worthwhile punt you've ever had?

121 wise £70 an hour, Sex Party wise £20 an hour but a minimum of 3 hours required to book so £60 in all.

Punters certainly dont need to splash large amounts of cash to locate good WGs at least in London and surrounds. And of course paying more doesnt in anyway necessarily equate to a better WG and punt. Thats down to the individual WGs attitude not what she or her agent/pimp/whatever you wish to call them happens to charge.

25 euros for 30 mins with an Argentinian in Haus 7-9, Breite Gasse, Germany. She was absolutely electric, you would think i gave her 2500 euros, a Mercedes benz and a small boat by her performance.

She completely wore me out and wanted to go again and again.  :timeout

Offline adindas

What's the cheapest yet equally worthwhile punt you've ever had?

Do you mean in the UK or worldwide. I believe you mean in the UK, do not you.
Whole night punts over seven hours in South East Asia could be as low as £20.

Oh yeah.

Should have mentioned - in the UK ;D

Offline billyjo

Had a beautiful Romanian girl 1 hour for £80 at the start of the year in Birmingham, some of the best natural tits I have ever seen and sucked and one of the tightest pussies I've ever shagged, the girl didn't even have any feedback so I knew I would be taking a risk but sent a couple of emails a few days prior to booking and everything seemed legit.  When I arrived at the agreed time, she wasn't picking the phone up to give me her flat number and just as I was about to drive off she phoned me and said she will be 10 minutes, I was in two minds whether to stay or go, there was a dodgy looking group of guys waiting outside the flat entrance and I was beginning to think something wasn't right.  I still had the thought of those tits from the photos in my head and was hard as a rock so decided to wait it out, turned out to be one of the best punts I've had but when I tried booking again her profile had gone.  Gutted!

I've never been one for street girls but a few months ago I was driving through one of the West Midlands red light districts, (not much of a red light district any more compared to what it used to be) and came across a very scantily dressed lady flagging my car down.  Not something I would ever usually entertain but on this occasion I stopped, asked how much for a bj (with a condom of course), paid £15 and a few minutes later after finding a safe parking space her head was bouncing up and down in my lap.  When the deed was done I asked her to jump out there and then, only a few minutes from where I had picked her up but she insisted I drop her off around the corner.  As I drive down the road, I notice an oncoming police car, they slow right down and have a good look at me then next thing I know they are turning around, I did a quick left and told the sg to jump out on the corner but she didn't, she was saying just tell the police we are mates, I'm beginning to really panic and as I take a right turn I shout GET OUT, GET OUT! and she finally jumps out whilst calling me a cunt, I carry on and a few seconds later police car blue lighting turns in and races behind me so I quickly pull over, the two policemen jumped out and came running towards me shouting 'What are you up to?'  I'm telling them I'm bursting for a piss and need to go now, they pull me out of car, search me and my car, after 15 minutes or so I'm free to go.  How lucky was I the police never saw the sg jumping out my car?  It was a moment of madness and will never be happening again, can't believe I took such a risk in the first place.  I only dread to think what would of happened had I been caught. 

Offline tom269u001

£55 for 1 hour! Last week in Wembley!

Offline adindas

I had punting with young WGs in London for £55 an hour a few month ago ....

Offline thickerdicker

15min hj or bj... :yahoo:  £ cheap as possiable for that i would want! :sarcastic:

Offline Joe Blob

Cheapest ever, £2 and £3 in Soho walkups was the price 40 years ago, £5  was the standard when I started street punting, and many good punts (and a lot of bad ones) were had at those prices.

August 2012, £55 for 90 minutes in King's Lynn. In fairness I was her first punter and she clearly didn't know her way around the market charges for her services. But she certainly knows her way around a cock. Sadly she met thecman of her dreams shortly after so deleted her as profile.

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