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Author Topic: Lady J - Glasgow  (Read 979 times)

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Judy has been on my hot list for a good while and a combination of price, timing and the lack of reviews for such an old profile had always put me off.... Until now.

Met her on her last visit to Glasgow and it looks like she's about to arrive again soon, so I thought I'd better get on with this review.

First of all, she looks amazing. The photos are clearly touched up but a very good representation. Hair and make up absolutely immaculate and a kinky outfit, which I'm quite partial to. Very sexy curvy body and a fantastic pair of tits. Falsies, but felt and looked superb. Here ends the positives.

Price: £100 for the half hour. More than I'd ever paid before, but had the service been on part with the looks I'd have been happy to have parted with it.

Location: shithole of a flat in a run down modern development just south of the river, near the Kingston bridge. Thankfully I didn't need a shower because there was none there. I did need a piss though and she came in at my back to tell me to dry my dick with the kitchen roll on top of the toilet.

Dunno why because the first thing she did when I got on the bed with her, was to put a Johnny on it. So no owo from her likes list. No French kissing either, and bizarrely wouldn't let me anywhere near her pussy. Legs clamped as soon as I tried or she moved position.

It was clear she was trying to get me to cum as quickly as possible and out the door, so I stopped her and asked for my money back. After much arguing, it clearly wasn't happening so I decided to get my balls emptied and out. Anal sex unsurprisingly.

Now here's the thing. A few posters have suggested she might not have been born all woman, and after I got out the weird aversion to me touching her pussy got me thinking. Then I realised she fucking towered over me, in heels admittedly, but I'm 5'10" so not exactly a short arse. Could be something in the other posters opinions, but to be fair she looked as good as any previous escort I'd ever been with, just a pity the service was awful.
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4 review(s) found for LADY J. linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

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sounds like your suspicions may be rite and she is one to be avoided. £100 for hh. :scare:
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Tough one but my hunch is she's a bloke as well...... 

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