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Author Topic: HOT-OLIVIA-23 Sydenham Southeast London  (Read 1037 times)

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Thought it was about time I took the plunge back into this world as I've been lurking for a while but not took the giant leap until now.
I've punted before about 10 years ago with a quick dip a couple of years ago, so please go gentle on my first review.
It appears I'm in the heart of a punting black hole and I can only punt at weekends, so options are limited.
So after an initial email to Olivia which wasn't replied when read so I decided to call a few hours later.
She picked up the phone quickly and after asking if French kissing was on the menu, she said yes and said she would send the address by text.
She's polish but had a good grasp of English and there was no point where we didn't understand each other.
Good start as her pictures looked great and the main service I wanted was on offer, or so I thought.
So I head to Sydenham road and I text again asking for the number.
Instant reply with the added colour of the door which does help. Yellow
So I ring the bell but no answer, so I start to call her and she texts asking where I am.
I'm guessing the bell didn't work so she came down to let me in.
I did feel a bit exposed for the 2 mins I waited as the road is very busy and the door was between two closed shops and I guess that anyone who knows what's behind the door knew what I was doing!
My initial thoughts are she was the person in the photos although the hair wasn't as well kept.
she directed me to her room up a dark grotty stair case into a dark room with curtains drawn a double bed in the corner and a radio on the side.
Originally I was hoping for an hour meet but quickly changed my mind and opted for 30 which was a good decision in the end.
I should have asked about the kissing again but forgot and handed over 70 of our English pounds where she left the room for a couple of mins.
When she returned we both got undressed and she asked if I wanted a massage which I rejected and asked for a kiss.
Now this is where things went wrong and she said she didn't kiss except for the body!
I was looking for a passionate GFE!
I'm starting to think this was going to be poor but her body was fantastic 8/10 so thought I'd make the most of it.
She is very slim and I have no reason to doubt the size 8 she states on her profile.
She had small tits but very firm and enjoyed them being sucked and as I kissed all over her body we both seemed to kiss on the lips whic she obliged and DFK'd which changed the punt from a negative to positive for me.
I went to slip in a finger and was told this isn't available and she couldn't herself due to her very long nails.
After a while she asked if I wanted head and slipped on the rubber.
Now I'm not sure if she would do OWO as it states on he profile but it doesn't really bother me and I didn't ask.
Head was very good, nice and slow with very little use of her hand. 8/10
After a while I asked her to ride me on top and at first seemed to just dip the tip but after a while seemed to take all of me with more deeper sex.
It was a little rushed at the start but slowed down when I asked and had enjoyable sex in 3 positions.
She certainly knows what she's doing and after banging her from behind and looking at her small round arse I let go.
She was quick with the wipes etc and we both got dressed.
I probably could have asked to pad the time out with a massage or something but I wasn't too bothered as his was my first time back in the game and nerves took over a little.
I was in there for about 20 mins but that was down to me rather than her.
In all I'm glad I didn't go for the full hour and looking back it's more a pump and dump punt than anything more but with a fit and friendly Polish girl. .
Facially 7/10 I'd say she was late 20's and not 23 as stated.
Body 8/10 a bit of lingerie would have been nice but wasn't available to my knowledge.
Services 7/10 but I wouldn't expect everything on her likes list, but was enough for me this time.
Flat 5/10 it's a shit hole and I would think others might be working there too.
Would I return? No. Because I want to make my next punt an experience rather than a pump and dump and I like variety, but she served her purpose this time and me not returning has no reflection on her service in the end.
I guess other might think this should be negative as I don't think she will do all her listed likes but I left satisfied.

I can't add the link as I cannot highlight all the link so will try later but if you search the title you should find her.

Hope I didn't go on too much and you find his helpful?
I welcome constructive feedback.  :hi:

1 review(s) found for YOUNG AMANDA x linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I know Pumps.
You must have got bored before reading why I didn't at the bottom.  :D

Offline pumps

I know Pumps.
You must have got bored before reading why I didn't at the bottom.  :D

I tried to read it all mate, Honestly I did.  ;)

but the way you set it out was a bit of a struggle to follow!

but ducks broken and all that, I'm sure next one will be on the road to perfection

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