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Author Topic: Thai babe Chanya  (Read 1985 times)

Offline DRRSD


Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing this girl? she kinda looks like nisa from Nisa1

Offline petene8

I think you could be right looking at the tats and t*ts! She looks good in the pics mind

Offline DRRSD

Lol and I've also Just read the link, it says stanhope street which is their address. So they do full service and massage? Could be cheeky to book a massage with them then try and barter a price for full service

Offline The Rimmer

Ive always wanted to shag her.Had a few massages off her at Nisa 1.Picture 4 looks like one of their rooms.

Offline DRRSD

Her ad has been up for a while so I'm surprised no-one has, however, now is our chance lol

Online jarrovian

Yep could well be her, also her add on gumtree is posted by suchanya, coincidence?

Offline Mr blue

It does look like her , has anyone been ?

Can confirm it is the same person at same location.

See review in reviews section.
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That link is no longer available, does anyone know where she works from now ?

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