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Author Topic: Kat Lee - not exactly being discreet...  (Read 2023 times)

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Offline Rod trotter

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Offline iPad3

What a pleb

Id call her a cunt at the very least,

Pond life is what she is!!!

Was she once on the jeremy kyle show too?

Offline Ben4454

So this KAT LEE just outed a punter - I will never book this escort. On my personal blacklist.

Her '15' minutes of fame is all it will be - than a eternity of dusty phone syndrome will sink in.

It looks like she got a lot fatter since her pictures years ago. Possible BBW in a few months.

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Offline KentAde

Was she once on the jeremy kyle show too?

Yep, with her sister....

she was my way recently and was tempted to give her a go, so glad she didn't as if my work colleagues found out I had fucked a whore they would know I actually had some balls.....

Offline Roth

Fat fucking dog.  :scare: :scare:  Needs to be blacklisted.  :bomb:

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