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Author Topic: Melinda or Eliza  (Read 801 times)

Has anyone seen Eliza H or Melinda Cymru recently in the Swansea area
I'm going to have a change from my regular ladies but only have time for one of
them this week so have to make a choice

Offline greggspeter

Melinda Cymru is the same Melinda who also works through Portfolio escorts.     http://www.portfolioescorts.co.uk/females/melinda

 I saw her through them and had a positive punt earlier this year.  She is in her late thirties or early forties I am guessing but I was well impressed by her skills and true enjoyment of what she does.  I have not seen Eliza and at the rate I am going will have overdrawn my monthly punt allowance soon.!

Let us know what Eliza is like if you choose her.
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It is the same Melinda.
I'm finding it difficult to pick and may end up going with both.

Online HughJardon

I desperately wanna pound Melissa Cymru, but distance wise it's made things difficult

But yeah fuck em both

I'm seeing Melinda tomorrow and then hopefully Eliza on Wednesday.
I'll update afterwards.

Offline mashit1

Anyone had an issue with Eliza H , I have sent her 4 emails over 6 months and she has not opened one of them ? I'm not sure if she is getting them or may have blocked me for some reason (why I don't know because I have never even had any contact with her ?) I think my emails are being delivered as other girls have read and replied to my emails ? Any help will be much appreciated ( also I do have 100% positive feed back on aw ) cheers in adavance.

Offline Bob2110

Emailed Eliza last night, and had a return email back for info on a booking and has now disappeared from AW!!!
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