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Author Topic: Galina at Club Cherie, Torremolinos  (Read 839 times)

Offline f_angel

In gratitude for the help I got from the board on finding a punt in Spain, here's a report on the girl I saw at Club Cherie in Torremolinos. I'll post my report on Selecta soon.

I visited club cherie just after 10pm a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday night. I’d been up since 3am what with having to catch an early flight, but with such a limited window of opportunity for punting, I had to take the chances I got. I had a 2 day window at best for punting. I walked the 10 mins from my hotel and entered from the main road and was met by a square bar, nicely lit in red. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a diet coke (5 euro). At this point the bar area was pretty quiet, with only a couple of girls hanging about.

 Almost immediately, I was approached by a brazilian girl, who was friendly enough, but quite old and just didn't do it for me. She asked if I’d like to buy her a drink, but by this point another girl had caught my eye, so I suggested maybe in a bit and continued a bit of brief chat before she backed off. Towards the end of this chat, another girl across the bar had caught my eye. Slim but curvy, long brown wavy hair, red lipstick, a beautiful face, wearing a short white lace minidress. After a few moments I managed to get her attention and she came round the bar to chat with me. I later discovered this girl, Galina (I think) was from Morocco (didn’t seem romanian anyway lol) and was 23. She looked much more like the girl I was wanting, with a latino look to her.

We briefly chatted and she asked if I wanted to buy her a drink. I enquired how much and was told 37 euro! No chance, so I asked about her half hour rate. That was 80, and 1 hour was 150. At this point, unsure of the quality of service that was likely I opted for half an hour. In hindsight I should probably have gone for the hour as she was fucking awesome.

She spoke to the barmaid, who handed her a rubber and a key to the room. I was then led upstair through a door near the bar entrance to the room. The room was pretty damn nice, not quite as amazing as the one at Selecta but still much nicer than anything in Scorpio or other parlours. We sorted out the money (80 euro) and I stripped off, where I was invited to wash my cock and balls, being handed the world’s smallest towel to dry off with.

The exact details of what happened early on are a bit hazy, but we started with a kind of stand up lapdance (easier than some places as there was good music playing in the background) which led to some kissing, hesitant at first but quickly developed to DFK.

There was more kissing, then Galina opened the rubber and prepared to put it on my cock. I asked about OWO and after a bit of explaining what I wanted, was told 20 euro more. I should have negotiated beforehand, but lesson learnt and it was well worth it. Galina licked my cock like a lolly before starting to suck me off. She got reasonably deep, it was good OWO interspersed with a bit too much rapid hr. Then it was on with the rubber and several positions, starting off in cowgirl, to reverse cowgirl, then doggy with great view of juices dribbling out her pussy. I was getting close to coming so got her to turn round for missionary, but first slid two fingers into her which she seemed to enjoy. I then re-entered her with my cock now ready to explode and fucked away for another couple of minutes, kissing as we did so before I came hard into the rubber. Throughout this she’d been pleasantly vocal and enthusiastic, without trying to rush me to come

After this we cleaned up, and Galina took a shower while we chatted some more, now discovering her age and that she was Moroccan. I got dressed and I gave her the other 20. For the price I paid she was well worth it, but I should have made sure OWO was included in the original 80

I reckon all in we were in the room for dead on 30 mins so it was all fair enough. Galina led me downstairs and joined me at the bar again for a bit. By this time a lot more girls girls had appeared at the bar, and had funds and energy allowed I’d have been like a kid in a candy shop. I was very tempted to make a return visit but sadly couldn’t manage it. I would definitely revisit on my next trip there.

Next time though I’m going to make sure I get a lot more punting opportunities.
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Is this the place next to Kamelot or across the road?

Ive had a good time in those bars along that road - lots of fun to be had and Kamelot on the right night can be wild!

Offline f_angel

It's a few minutes walk along the road towards benalmadena, on the the other side of the road. There's a swingers club called Papua before you get that far, that also looked tempting.

The place beside Kamelot, Bada Bing didn't seem to be open.

Paupa - fantastic night out!

Ahhh - wish I was going back!

Glad you had fun out there - I know where you mean.

That road has a lot of clubs/bars where you can find sexy fun!

Offline f_angel

Thanks, I'm keen to get back ASAP. Might curtail my Edinburgh activities to speed it up.

Is Papua worth a visit as a single guy then?

Like all swingers clubs - depends who's in on the night.
The club is split as a single guy area and a couples area - works really well for couples to choose who they want to play with.

As ever - depends on who is there on the night but we had great fun in there - did 3 nights on the trot!

Offline f_angel

Thanks I'll keep that in mind for my next visit  :)

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