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Author Topic: Guildford Gold - Ashley  (Read 4361 times)

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Great punt with one of the most enthusiastic WG's I have ever met. Ashley or Chantelle as she is also known,  is an English girl quite petite but with a big appetite for sex coupled with a desire to have fun!

Ashley works at a couple of parlours but as I was in Guildford I visited her at Guildford Gold, who are based close to the centre of Guildford in a nice clean apartment. 

Although I have not experienced them there are some very attractive and busty WG's that also work out of this parlour so do check them out!

 https://www.adultwork.com/860605 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ashley+%40+GG



1 review(s) found for Alicia @ SG linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline MethodMan

Price looks too good to be true! What is included in the basic price and how much do the "extras" cost?

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Offline Ben4454

I was thinking of visiting Guildford Gold actually. Are the pictures accurate of most of the girls  and the price according to the website ?
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Offline vt

I was thinking of visiting Guildford Gold actually. Are the pictures accurate of most of the girls  and the price according to the website ?

Georgia, Millie & Stacey were faves of mine in their previous MK incarnations (Gorgia, Tilly & Amy). Their pics are pretty accurate allowing for a bit of smoothing and a year or three knocked off the ages here and there.

I believe the basic service is £90ph, but only includes OW & sex. There are extras for everything else (OWO, Kissing, DFK, CIM, Swallow, WS, Dom, A, etc. depending on what's on the girls menu) which the girls get to keep, so there is an incentive for them to try and 'upsell' and it could soon add up. Allegedly, it's the reason they left MK as they can soon be earning more than the WG cut of the £120 charged there. Though I have been assured that you would still get enthusiastic service if you just went for the basic option when I expressed doubt over that.

Offline Inked

Arranged a meeting in November, extras were £20.00 each so mount up fairly quickly and the girl I’d gone to see wasn’t there.

Offline Steve2

I called a while ago when in that area and too many extras  :thumbsdown: so I passed them by

I went there a few months back and had two girls for £150.

That was for a half hour including kissing and oral.

Both girls were full on with the completion being especially memorable.

The prices they advertised aren't totally accurate and you do have to pay for extras if you want a decent session.

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