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Author Topic: Lily at White Lily Thai Massage Sheffield  (Read 2257 times)

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I'd read good things about this place and was encouraged by their website which mentions topless, nuru, and body to body services.  Rang them and booked for an hour.

Looking back a couple of days later, this visit ranks up there in my top 10 all time best ever punts, it was superb!

Arrived a few minutes late (traffic) . What has been said elsewhere about the receptionist is all true - gorgeous so wish she was the masseuse!

Asked me which phone number I'd booked on and then seemed to consult a list pinned on the wall before quoting me a fee of £100. I wonder if I'd said the other number if the price would have been different?

Showed me downstairs to a large, pleasant room - jacuzzi bath, large bed and lots of mirrors. Room was very hot, and humid, presumably from previous uses of the bathtub.

Was still undressing when in comes Lily. Very pleasant, good English and naughtily flirty from the start. She helped me finish undressing - easing me out of my boxers and having a play with my cock en route.

Then she tells me to sit on the bed and starts filling the jacuzzi. While it's filling (it's slow) she comes and stands between my knees and does a striptease/lap dance. Once naked, she's rubbing her bum across my cock and just for a second it almost slips in.

Then to the bathtub. Loads of foam and she gets the bubbles going. All the time she's  fondling and caressing and then she puts her hands under my backside so my cock breaches out of the water and she starts an exquisite deep throat BJ.

This girl could suck for Thailand!

A few minutes of BJ then out of the bath. We're both wet and foamy and she gets two warm towels and we dry off. Somehow she gets dry very quickly then starts to help drying me. Drops to her knees for some more oral action.

Then to the bed, me face down. Lashings of oil then her warm slippery naked body slithers over me. Then the flip, and more B2B, with tits in my face for some nipple sucking, and a good tit job, before it's back in her mouth. She really seems to like sucking cock!

Then she produces  a condom from a small bag, tries  to get it on, and rips it. Try again. Same result. Finally she gives one to me  to roll on which I manage.

She straddles me and lowers herself onto me. With me holding her arse she rides me until I've cum.

Then back into the bath, to clean off the oil. She surprises me by easing my hair, too!
She's behind me in the bath washing me all over and every 15 seconds or so her hands wander for a grope and a fondle, so when we exit the bath to dry off, I'm almost fully hard again.

She gives it a quick run and says that next time if I book 90 minutes we can go again . I'm not normally a 2 pop guy but I reckon Lily could make me!

Finally after much attentive drying she helps me dress and with a nice snog I leave. Looking at the time it's been an hour and ten minutes.

Good body, excellent DTBJ and a good fuck. What more could a guy ask?

Great review Catweazle, can you confirm what number you called them on please? Their website says B2B with one girl should cost £85 & did you have to tip Lily anything extra?

Venue is top notch but I saw Apple when I went & I didn't really enjoy myself, do you know if you can choose the girl or is it pot luck?

Makes for good reading. Sounds like a charmer. What was Lily's age, appearance like?
Also  interested in the cost and ditto about Apple. Think I gave her a neutral, couldn't commend her really.

I had used their landline number but I think they have a mobile number on their gumtree advert.
On this occasion although I had booked ahead it was pot luck as to who I saw but on leaving Lily said ' next time you make sure you ask for me' which would indicate that you can prebook an.individual masseuse.

Lily didn't ask for any additional cash. She's probably early thirties and slim. I've read elsewhere on here that the tits are enhanced but they don't look it or feel it. I was as they say up close and intimate with them and saw no scarring so if they are bolt ons they're extremely well done.
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Offline Rou1992

What service did you ask for when you were there? Wanting to experience something like that a lot I just don't know what to ask for

What service did you ask for when you were there? Wanting to experience something like that a lot I just don't know what to ask for

I didn't ask for anything! Booked in for the hour and then everything just happened as described. I would have expected a fair lot for the fee charged on entry (hundred notes is very steep for *just* a massage!) Many Spas would charge about £40 for the hour and leave you to negotiate with the lady thereafter.

Offline Rou1992

I went for it today, bit the bullet and lost my punting virginity :sarcastic:
It was absolutely amazing! The girl was perfect. Got a b2b massage with a ridiculously happy ending wow

Offline JThomas

Seems like a decent laugh! Not much more for 2 girls according to the site. ROU did you end up/book lily too?

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