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Author Topic: Baan Thai Massage - Strawberry Hill  (Read 1181 times)

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Offline jstrong

Strawberry Hill

Have been visiting Baan thai for the past 2 months and my experience of the girls over there has been both positive and neutral. I have had massages from four girls at different times. The first time I had a massage over there was from a girl named Cookie. Average looks and massage was neither bad nor good. I was expecting a proper massage but she just was rubbing oil. After a boring 20-25 minutes, asked me to turn over and pointing towards my cock said if I wanted that massaged as well. I said you can and she started to wank me without any technique. Finished off with an obligatory neck and head massage. Overall I would rate a neutral experience.

There is another woman may be in her late 40s and not that attractive. I vaguely remember her name to be Linda. Booked for 1 hour and was given a choice of Cookie or Linda over the phone. I chose Linda and went to the place on the agreed time. I was a tad disappointed when I saw her but out of respect just went in the room. She had just returned from her holidays in Thailand and was sneezing and coughing which really put me off. However, the massage was extremely good and relaxing at the same time. She asked me to turn over and the same question of if I wanted get my cock massaged. Without hesitation, I asked her to go ahead and was extremely pleased with her technique. Great HJ with lot of caressing and gentle strokes. Highly recommended if you are not after looks and want a decent massage with HE. Was told by her that there is a new girl called Naam. Will have to try her soon.

The third time I booked with a girl called Jasmine. She works on Mondays and Tuesdays. An attractive girl and cheeky in conversations. A really good massage that I was after. She even pointed out a few knots I had on the back which she firmly massaged to get rid off. Felt really good with her technique. HJ was on offer without any hesitation. She was really in to it with eye contact which I enjoyed until popping out. Cleaned up the oil and a very pleasant girl throughout. Definitely recommended and will see her again.

The fourth time I got a chance to book Plaire who is highly rated by other UKP members. Booked a late evening appointment and went on the agreed time. She is a very attractive girl with good looks and body. She took me to the massage room and asked to undress. Came back after 5 minutes while i was lying on the table. She asked the type of massage i wanted to which i replied relaxing. I tried to get her in to conversation and she was extremely cold in her reply which i did not expect reading the other reviews. She asked if I had been over here before to which i replied yes. I found her to be very disinteresting and the massage was of very poor quality. She was just rubbing oil all over and I guess that is what they call a relaxing massage  :thumbsdown:. She wasn't interested in talking at all and by this time I thought of just getting out. She asked me to turn over and the same question - Do you want this to be massaged? I said yes and she started wanking me off and putting more oil. A very poor HJ and after 15 minutes of rigorous wanking I asked her to stop and just couldn't pop out. She was extremely tired by then and started complaining that I made her hand pain. I left a very unhappy man and thought may be she just had a bad day after all it was a late appointment in the day. However, her attitude in not pleasant at all and I would not recommend her and would not want to see her again.

The place and the massage room are clean. Never used the shower room so I do not know about the condition. I found the towels to be greasy so I would not use them but rather use the tissue paper to wipe off excess oil. The cost of a 1 hr massage is £ 45 and extra £ 20 for HJ. Hope this helps.
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