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Author Topic: Erolinne  (Read 1060 times)

Offline ratty


The advert does look a little too good be true (plus the photos on their Facebook page).  But has anyone actually been here?  How does it compare to the OHC in Crewkerne?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

No HE or any form of sexual activity, this is purely a massage/tantric massage. Might be interesting but not on this forum I think.

I've got a massage booked here next week. I've gone for the VIP package. Will report back afterward.

Offline KC66

I have visited there twice, over a year ago, great ladies, nice set up, very erotic but no HE or genital massage, no intimate reverse touching. Left there needing relief!!

Were you naked and on show for the massage or did they preserve your modesty?

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